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How to Style Your Keshi Pearl Necklace for Every Occasion

  • 4 min read

How to Style Your Keshi Pearl Necklace for Every Occasion

Cherished for their unique shape and bright lustre, Keshi Pearls are like wearable art. Made entirely of nacre, Keshi Pearls come in organic, uneven and often abstract shapes, creating distinctive and individual jewellery designs.

Read on to find out more about these unique gems.

What are Keshi Pearls?

There are two main types of pearls: cultured versus natural and freshwater versus saltwater. A natural pearl is formed through no human intervention, whereas a cultured pearl is formed when an irritant is added to a mollusc.

Keshi Pearls can be cultivated or occur naturally, and arise in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Typically, a Keshi Pearl is only produced by chunkier oysters, including the oysters that can produce Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls. That said, they can come in a range of different colours and tones, depending on the colours of the mollusc that produces each gem.

Keshi Pearls have an exceptionally high lustre because they are made entirely of nacre. When an irritant enters a mollusc (either naturally or through human introduction), the mollusc will cover this irritant with epithelial cells. This forms a pearl sac, the mollusc then successfully ejects the irritant but continues to form layers of nacre. This nacre eventually becomes the Keshi Pearl.

Why are Keshi Pearls so highly prized?

Keshi Pearls are highly prized for three main reasons:

1. Thicker nacre

Pearls with thicker nacre last longer and are more expensive. Keshi Pearls are made entirely of nacre – as such, jewellery designs like Keshi Pearl necklaces are typically highly prized.

2. Lustre

Keshi Pearls have an exceptionally high lustre. This lustre reflects and refracts light off the wearer’s features, giving their skin a luminous and highly covetable glow.

3. One-of-a-kind, organic shape

It’s extraordinarily rare to find a totally round Keshi Pearl. Like baroque pearls, Keshi Pearls are irregular and abstract in shape. The asymmetry and appealing geometry of these gems give Keshi Pearl jewellery a natural and understated but still chic and idiosyncratic aesthetic.

In fact, the word ‘keshi’ comes from the Japanese for ‘seed’. In gemmological terms, they are non-nucleated and are almost always found in irregular shapes. The organic and uneven shapes of Keshi Pearls make them highly sought-after by both professional collectors and jewellery fans alike.

How to care for a Keshi Pearl necklace

As we’ve already explained, pearls with a thicker nacre are usually longer lasting. Keshi Pearls are made entirely of nacre, and are therefore a robust gemstone.

However, it’s still important to take proper care of Keshi Pearl jewellery. Keshi Pearls  can yellow if they are not properly cared for.

One of the best ways to keep your Keshi Pearl necklace looking its best through the years is with proper storage. Our silk pearl jewellery storage bags are designed to prevent your pearls from drying out.

Another way of keeping your pearls from dehydrating is by wearing them! The natural oils in your skin can help keep pearls moist. You can also wear our specially designed pearl essence perfumes to keep your gems nourished. Both scents combine organic ingredients that mimic the skin’s natural oils, enhancing the moisture of each pearl.

Below, we give you our top tips for styling a Keshi Pearl necklace. As rare and one-of-a-kind jewellery, you may find yourself asked questions by friends wanting to know more about your distinctive designs – Keshi Pearls are something of an insider’s secret.

How to style your Keshi Pearl necklace – 4 ideas

Before you decide how to style your Keshi Pearl necklace, remember to consider factors like your neckline, the colour of both your outfit and the jewellery and the occasion.

Choose a pearl necklace length that complements your frame and figure, ensuring the design enhances your natural beauty.

As a statement

You can style your Keshi Pearl necklace as a solo, statement piece. Statement pearl necklaces provide a distinctive, noticeable focal point for any look, and are therefore a fantastic way of expressing your personality. Combine this with the one-of-a-kind appeal of Keshi Pearls, and you’ll be leaning into a bold aesthetic.

A statement Keshi Pearl necklace looks best with scoop neck, V neck and off shoulder necklines. For a clean look, it can be best to wear a statement design with unfussy clothing. Style our white Keshi Pearl and chalcedony ‘the twist’ long necklace with a V neck for an impactful look. Choose a bold colour option to offset the pearl’s white tones, and pair with a white pearl ring or white pearl earrings to double down.

As everyday wear

Although Keshi Pearls are exceptionally rare gems, they don’t need to be saved for special occasions.

Wear a design like our grey Tahitian Keshi Pearl and ‘diamond’ kiss pendant every day. As a longer pearl pendant, this design flatters most figures and face shapes, bringing you a subtle everyday reminder of stolen kisses with loved ones.

Paired with a classic pearl necklace

There’s no reason to keep your Keshi Pearls separate from your classic pearls. In fact, a Keshi Pearl necklace like our white Keshi Pearl and chalcedony ‘the twist’ necklace can beautifully offset a quintessential white single strand pearl necklace when worn together.

Alternatively, wear your Keshi Pearl necklace with a multi-coloured pearl necklace to embrace a maximalist aesthetic.

Evening wear

Longer necklaces like a pearl lariat necklace are elegant when draped down an open-back evening gown.

Make an impact by draping our white Keshi Pearl and smokey quartz ‘the twist’ long necklace over a backless dress. Pair with grey pearl earrings to capture the colours of the dark smoky quartz.

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