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How to Wear a Statement Pearl Necklace

  • 4 min read

How to Wear a Statement Pearl Necklace

Ready to stand out from the crowd with statement necklaces? Then you’re in the right place. Whether you prefer little black dresses or more casual ensembles, a statement pearl necklace will add a touch of glamour to instantly lift your look. But which kind should you choose and what should you wear it with? Read on to find out.

What is a statement pearl necklace?

Statement pearl necklaces are named as such because they are very noticeable. This may be because of their size, shape, colour or various embellishments. Either way, they are designed to be the focal point of your outfit.

Why choose a statement necklace?

A statement pearl necklace is a great way to add interest to your outfit and showcase your personality. They are the perfect accessory for parties and special occasions, but also versatile enough to elevate casual looks by introducing a hint of sparkle. Adding statement jewellery can also help you update your favourite outfits as trends and seasons change, without having to upgrade your entire wardrobe. You are adding something ‘new’ to update something old.

What to consider when styling a statement necklace


As statement pearl necklaces are generally quite large, they complement open necklines such as scoop necks, V-necks and off-shoulder designs best. This is particularly true of bold pearl choker necklaces that sit partway up the neck, while bold long pearl necklaces work well with form-fitting, thin-knit turtlenecks.

Shorter statement necklaces can also be paired with collared blouses. They can be worn directly against the skin to fill the blank space, or over a buttoned-up shirt for a chic finish. Conversely, it’s best to avoid pairing large necklaces with halter necks, frilly necklines or loose fitting high neck tops, as the jewellery may not lay correctly. Plus, with lots going on in the same area, your look may feel unbalanced and fussy.


When choosing a colour for your statement pearl necklace, you’ll need to consider several factors. Firstly, which pearls suit your skin tone best? This will depend on whether you have a warm, cool or neutral complexion. It’s particularly important when it comes to bold designs worn close to the face, as the wrong shade will wash you out. For example, grey or pale pink pearl necklaces work beautifully with cool skin, while copper and golden pearl necklaces are typically best for warmer skin.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want your statement jewellery to match or contrast with your outfit. Complementary colours include classic combos like black and white, warm or cool hues worn with shades in the same family, and those that are opposites on the colour wheel. However, if you’re still in doubt, you can always stick to a simple black dress then coordinate your necklace, shoes and handbag instead.

Looking for more inspiration? Read our pearl colour style guide to help you select perfectly matched pearls.


Contrary to popular belief, statement jewellery isn’t reserved for special occasions only. In fact, adding a statement necklace to your outfit is also an easy way to change up your look to suit a variety of different settings and dress codes.

Simpler designs featuring neutral or pastel coloured pearls tend to be more appropriate for work than more vibrant hues. But larger pearls can help to add a sense of authority. If you have an after work party to attend and want to add a touch of pizzazz to your outfit, you can simply swap your daytime jewellery for something bolder. For instance, a multi strand pearl necklace with flashes of amber, or a glamorous pendant with diamond accents.

Similarly, shorter designs are generally best suited to everyday wear as they are more versatile and practical. In fact, single strand pearl necklaces in a range of different colours and sizes can be used to make a contemporary style statement when paired with a casual tee and jeans. On the other hand, a sweeping lariat pearl necklaces coupled with a floor length dress oozes Hollywood glamour for black tie dinners. Plus, they can even be worn in reverse to complement a backless gown.

Pearl type

While there are many different types of pearls to choose from, statement pearl necklaces are typically made with larger pearls for greater visual impact and maximum lustre. With that in mind, luxury South Sea pearl necklaces with gold or silver overtones are a popular choice. Featuring the largest pearls in the world, each stunning design radiates an air of confidence and sophistication without being over the top. This makes them suitable for work and formal occasions alike.

Alternatively, iridescent Tahitian pearl necklaces provide a more contemporary and slightly unusual option. Black with silver, green or purple overtones, these multi-tonal pearls are perfect for adding drama for special events. Wear with a black gown for a sleek, monochromatic finish or pair with red or yellow silk dress for a punchy look. You could also add a matching black pearl bracelet for a cohesive finish, but it’s best to avoid large earrings with statement necklaces as they can overwhelm your look. Instead opt for pearl stud earrings and let your necklace take centre stage.

Explore a stunning range of statement pearl necklaces

Whether you prefer ornate chokers, embellished designs or fluid pearl lariats that can be styled in a myriad of ways, our statement pearl necklace collection is very varied.

Explore our full range of pearl necklaces online or narrow your search by pearl type to find the perfect design for you from our Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater pearl jewellery collections.

We also stock a number of necklaces which feature exquisite baroque pearls and offer a bespoke jewellery service, both of which are ideal options for those seeking a truly unique piece. Contact us today to learn more.



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