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6 Jewellery Storage Ideas: How Best to Store Your Pearls

  • 4 min read

6 Jewellery Storage Ideas: How Best to Store Your Pearls

Pearl jewellery is timeless. That said, if you want your pearls to endure for years to come, it’s important that you know how to store pearls properly.

When it comes to pearl jewellery storage solutions, there are certain guidelines that you should always follow. We’ve put together our top pearl jewellery storage tips so that you can keep your designs looking their very best.

Why is it important to know how to store pearls?

The pearls’ surface is delicate. Pearls are made up of aragonite and conchiolin, which together form the nacre that constitutes the pearl.

Pearls are therefore soft and more prone to damage than other gems. As such, there are a few rules for taking care of pearls that you should always aim to follow.

It’s particularly important that you have dedicated jewellery storage solutions for South Sea pearl jewellery and Tahitian pearl jewellery. These luxurious saltwater pearls are highly sought after, making any design a legacy piece that’s well worth keeping safe and secure.

4 pearl jewellery storage ideas & what to bear in mind

As a general rule, pearl jewellery should be the last thing you put on when dressing, and the first thing you remove once you return home.

But how should you store them when not in use? We’ve put together a list of the most important things to know about pearl jewellery storage below.

Always wipe clean before storing

Pearls are alkaline. This means that products like household cleaners, perfume, hairspray and fake tan can all erode the surface of your pearl, causing damage and diminishing their lustre.

Use a damp, non-scratch cloth (like a pure cotton towel or pure unbleached silk or microfibre) in order to remove any traces of either chemicals or perspiration. Do this after each wear of your pearl jewellery.

Always store pearls separately to protect them

Don’t ever store your pearl jewellery alongside other jewellery designs. It’s particularly important to keep pearls away from both diamonds and metal, both of which can cause scratches. Instead, choose a segmented jewellery storage solution that will keep your pearls separate from other gems.

Don’t ever store pearls in plastic!

Pearls need to be allowed to breathe. If stored in an airtight container like a plastic box or sealed bag, the ultra-dry atmosphere will dehydrate them, ultimately leading to cracks and yellowing.

For this reason, you should also avoid leaving pearl jewellery in spaces like safety deposit boxes for too long. These are dry environments and can subsequently produce the same damage as plastic containers.

Invest in high quality pearl jewellery storage

Our silk pearl jewellery storage bags are specifically designed to prevent your pearls from drying out. Choose from one of two sizes for your pearl jewellery storage. Our smaller jewellery travel bag is ideal for storing chunkier designs. For instance, a lengthy, multi-layer pearl lariat necklace.

As a rule, pearl earrings are generally best stored in their original box. However, if you’re travelling with a bulkier design like our black freshwater pearl, amethyst and rock crystal drop earrings, these will also store well in a pocket of our large jewellery travel bag.

These pockets are also fantastic for storing small pieces like pearl rings and more delicate items like our black Tahitian pearl, diamond and moonstone pendant.

Pearl necklace storage ideas – 2 options

Pearl necklaces are enduringly popular for a reason. Whether you’ve invested in a sleek pearl pendant or a contemporary pearl choker necklace, you need to choose an appropriate storage solution to maintain its condition.

Store classic pearl designs flat

Strung pearl designs like our single or multi strand pearl necklaces should always be stored flat. If you store a design like our white akoya seed drop necklace by hanging it, over time, you’ll likely stretch out the silk string.

You can ensure the longevity of a piece like our pink freshwater pearl 5-strand necklace by regularly inspecting its silk thread. Look for any stretching, fraying or discolouration.

If you suspect that your design could do with restringing, contact us for a more in-depth assessment of your item – we would be happy to restring it for you.

Metal chain designs can be hung

Pearl chain necklaces, on the other hand, don’t have to be stored flat as their metal strands aren’t typically vulnerable to stretching. For instance, a design like our black freshwater pearl ‘simple’ pendant can be displayed on a jewellery stand, away from direct sunlight.

With that said, it may be easier to store longer designs flat. Plus, it is still sensible to follow our jewellery storage ideas above to keep your pearls looking their best.

Should pearls be saved for special occasions?

Although we’ve been emphasising the importance of pearl jewellery storage solutions and maintenance, we also firmly believe that you should wear your pearls as much as possible.

In fact, wearing your pearls as often as you can, will help to keep them moisturised! The natural oils from your skin will help to maintain your pearls, which can easily dry out if stored incorrectly for long periods of time.

You can also wear our pearl essence perfumes to nourish your gems. Specially designed with a Florentine master perfumier, these two unique scents contain organic ingredients that mimic natural oils to maintain each pearl’s lustre.

Roll the lighter Dawn scent onto your wrist alongside pearl bracelets like our pink biwa single-strand design during the daytime. Or pair the sultriness of our Dusk scent with a set of black Tahitian pearl ‘tsarina’ drop earrings for an aromatic evening.

Design your dream pearl jewellery

Feel beautifully confident in hand chosen pearls that complement your complexion by booking into a personal consultation with our expert team. Whether you’re looking to restring a design or are keen to curate a custom piece, our head designer Chrissie will bring over thirty years of experience to the session.


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