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Elegant Storage Solutions for your pearls 

Keep your cherished pieces of jewellery safe with our range of silk jewellery bags. Each pouch is designed to maintain the condition of your pearls for years to come, preventing any cracking and yellowing that can occur as a result of storing pearls in dry, air-tight environments.

Our jewellery storage bags are available in two sizes to suit your needs. The original pouch is the smaller of the two, but the roomy middle section still provides enough space for chunkier multi-strand pearl necklaces and lariats. There’s also a drawstring at the top to ensure the contents are secure and unable to fall out. This bag is perfect for storing a handful of items as part of a small pearl collection, and for travelling.

The second jewellery bag we supply features a large central pouch and 8 separate pockets. These are ideal for storing small items like pearl earrings and rings, as well as delicate pearl chain necklaces that may be damaged by heavier items. Whichever design you select, each bag is made of pure silk to help extend the life of your pearls.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

With three decades of experience in the jewellery industry, the Coleman Douglas Pearls team knows pearls inside out. As such, they are well placed to offer advice on how to take care of your pearls. One of the easiest ways to keep them in great shape is to ensure they remain hydrated. If they dry out, the nacre can crack and they’ll also lose lustre and colour. Thankfully, our silk jewellery bags provide the perfect solution.

Find the perfect jewellery storage bag for your pearls

Whatever pearly items you’re looking to tuck safely away and whichever size jewellery storage bag you need to do so, Coleman Douglas Pearls has it covered. Browse our range online or contact us to enquire about custom designs.