Choosing Pearls

Pearl Earrings
“Pearls have a lustre that lights-up every complexion. 
They are intrinsically linked to romance, art and beauty.”
Chrissie Douglas

When choosing pearls there are 7 elements to consider:  

  • Pearl Lustre: Lustre is key. A lustrous pearl lights-up your face, subtly enhancing your beauty. All our pearls have been individually chosen for their depth of lustre.
  • Pearl Nacre Thickness: Nacre is the outer coating of the pearl. The thicker the nacre the longer the pearl will last, and usually the better the lustre will be.
  • Pearl surface perfection: A few marks give a pearl a hallmark of authenticity. However, a very blemished or dull pearl will reduce its value significantly. 
  • Pearl Colour: Your eye-colour, skin-tone and hair-colour will determine your perfect beauty-enhancing pearl. Book a colour-matching appointment by calling +44 (0) 20 7373 3369 or emailing 
  • Pearl Shape: Irregular-shaped pearls tend to suit people with prominent features. Round-shaped pearls tend to suit people with very fine features. 
  • Pearl Size & Length: Consider your overall build and age. A graduated row of pearls will lengthen your face and slim your neckline. A choker will accentuate the beauty of your shoulders. A double row of pearls at the base of your neck will conceal wrinkles at a later stage of life.
  • Pearl Versatility: Our ethos is that jewellery should be flexible. Most of our designs can be worn in multiple ways to fit your mood and outfit; and can be easily re-designed if you fancy a complete change!

Chrissie is acknowledged for her pearl sourcing and selecting skills, she has established a tradition of working with a team of personally trained stringers, craftsmen, goldsmiths, silversmiths and suppliers of ethically sourced pearls and precious stones.

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  • Only 5% of cultured pearls harvested will be the best quality
  • The most famous pearl, “La Peregrina”, was sold for 11.8 million USD in 2011

Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7373 3369 or email to attend one of Chrissie’s pearl talks, or organise a private talk of your own.