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Choosing Pearls

When choosing pearls there are 7 elements to consider

Lustre is key. A lustrous pearl lights-up your face, subtly enhancing your beauty. All our pearls have been individually chosen for their depth of lustre.

Nacre is the outer coating of the pearl. The thicker the nacre the longer the pearl will last, and usually the better the lustre will be.

A few marks give a pearl a hallmark of authenticity. However, a very blemished or dull pearl will reduce its value significantly.

Your eye-colour, skin-tone and hair-colour will determine your perfect beauty-enhancing pearl. Book a colour-matching appointment by calling +44 (0) 20 7373 3369 or emailing 

Irregular-shaped pearls tend to suit people with prominent features. Round-shaped pearls tend to suit people with very fine features.

Consider your overall build and age. A graduated row of pearls will lengthen your face and slim your neckline. A choker will accentuate the beauty of your shoulders. A double row of pearls at the base of your neck will conceal wrinkles at a later stage of life.

Our ethos is that jewellery should be flexible. Most of our designs can be worn in multiple ways to fit your mood and outfit; and can be easily re-designed if you fancy a complete change!