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Are Pearls a Good Investment?

  • 4 min read

Are Pearls a Good Investment?

Pearls are having a fashionable moment. Seen on catwalks from Milan to New York, pearl jewellery remains an ubiquitous accessory for 2024 and beyond.

With that said, if you’re looking for timeless, versatile, enduringly elegant jewellery, then pearls are a fantastic investment.

We explain why pearls are a good investment below and hand-select some of our top heirloom designs for you to choose from.

Pearl investments – a wise choice for you?

Pearls hold their value exceptionally well, meaning that they are a stable investment choice if you’re looking for jewellery that won’t depreciate in value.

If you’re looking for an ageless pearl design, choose classic pearl jewellery. The original vintage glamour of a white pearl necklace like our white freshwater pearl double strand design, looks just as chic worn with a blazer and low bun for work as it does with a sweetheart neckline evening gown.

Alternatively, go big and bold with a statement design. Drape a pearl lariat necklace, like our award-winning black freshwater pearl lariat, down a backless dress to make a statement.

Are pearls good heirloom jewellery?

Whilst pearl jewellery is having something of a modish moment, pearl designs also make for great heirloom jewellery.

If you’re looking to invest in a design to hand down to future generations, South Sea pearl jewellery is ideal. Highly sought after, these luxurious pearls are prized for their lustre, and make for distinctive legacy designs. South Sea pearl earrings, like our white pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ drop earrings in white gold are glamorous solo, or can be paired with a matching pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ pendant to make an appealing heirloom set.

Alternatively, Tahitian pearl jewellery also makes for exceptional legacy designs. Choose an impressive design like our Tahitian pearl and pink tourmaline ‘melograno’ multi-strand necklace to add a splash of colour to any outfit. For cooler tones, our Tahitian and South Sea pearl and aquamarine necklace wears well solo or coupled with complementary black Tahitian pearl ‘tsarina’ white-drop earrings.

It’s obviously important to take proper care of your pearl jewellery to ensure the longevity of your design. Pearls are delicate gemstones, and they can become yellowed over time. With that said, there are easy ways to prevent yellowed pearls.

One of the best ways is by investing in the best pearl storage solutions, in order to ensure that your investment pearl jewellery remains lustrous for years to come.

We can also redesign inherited jewellery, too. If you’re looking to update an heirloom family piece to complement your skin tones and features, book a personal consultation. We’ll work with you to adapt the original design so that it can enjoy a new lease of life.

Pearl investment jewellery: 3 choices

Pearl chokers

Favoured by stars like Timothée Chalamet, pearl choker necklaces can bring a Parisian chic or edgy aesthetic to your look.

Inspired by Russian queens, our black Tahitian pearl and rainbow moonstone ‘tsarina’ choker reflects and refracts light for a head-turning design. If the Russian winters aren’t for you, choose a design inspired by coral reefs in the Philippines with our Tahitian pearl, rainbow moonstone and ‘coco coral’ choker.

To evoke mornings spent sipping coffee on cobbled French streets, choose either our black freshwater pearl and leather Parisian choker, or the same design in copper.

For an opulent heirloom evening design guaranteed to turn heads, choose our limited edition multistrand freshwater pearl choker worn with matching white freshwater pearl cuff bracelet.

Don’t forget to check out Chalamet wearing a Coleman Douglas Pearls necklace for a Vogue interview, too!

Pearls for men

Pearls for men have become increasingly popular as stars like A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles have adopted a more androgynous approach to fashion.

Investment pearls are suitable for all genders. Keep it classic with pearl cufflinks to customise a crisp white shirt. A design like our white freshwater pearl chain cufflinks can be complemented with a white pearl ring, a white pearl tie pin, or worn solo. Choose a distinctive design like our black freshwater pearl raw cufflinks to add idiosyncratic flair to an outfit.

Alternatively, make a statement with a bold black Tahitian pearl ‘friendship’ necklace. With three peacock black Tahitian pearls as its central motif, this leather pearl necklace looks good solo or worn with a matching Tahitian pearl and black leather ‘warrior’ bracelet.

Anniversary pearls

Whether you’re celebrating your paper (1 year), pearl (30 years) or gold (50 years)anniversary, anniversary pearls make exceptional investment pieces.

For a truly special set, wear our white South Sea pearl and diamond ‘tsarina – olive leaf’ earrings with the matching white Akoya and South Sea pearl necklace with diamond centrepiece. If more atmospheric pearls are preferable, pair our black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond pendant with matching earrings. You have the option of either our black Tahitian pearl diamond and tourmaline design or our black Tahitian pearl diamond and amethyst set to choose from.

Playful, tactile and subtly spelling out ‘I love you’ in morse code, our white freshwater pearl ‘morse code’ bracelet makes for a perfect anniversary gift. If white isn’t your loved one’s preferred colour of choice, go for our black freshwater pearl equivalent.

Alternatively, if earrings are a better gift for your other half, choose a versatile, sophisticated design like our white South Sea pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ drop earrings. Pair with a diamond pearl pendant to complete the look.

Choose your ideal pearls with the experts

Are you struggling to make the perfect choice when it comes to pearl jewellery? Whether you're looking for the ideal pearl colour to match your skin tone or seeking a piece that flatters your figure, Coleman Douglas Pearls are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our pearl experts offer a personalised consultation and guide you through our varied collection of bespoke, unique and stunning pearl jewellery.

For only £100, you will receive expert advice and have the opportunity to pick your favourite design from our elegant, lustrous range of pearls. Plus, you get the £100 back as a voucher to spend at Coleman Douglas Pearls!

Don't hesitate, book your consultation today and transform the way you choose your pearls. Contact us on 0207 373 3369, email at, or click to book your consultation.


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