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Discover Our Exquisite Range of Pearl Necklaces

Add an instant dash of glamour to your outfit with our collection of expertly crafted and beautifully designed pearl necklaces. Made from the finest freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls, there’s a style for everyone in our diverse pearl necklace range.

Classic single strand pearl necklaces are ideal for every day and come in a variety of colours to complement your look. Meanwhile, our double and multi-strand pearl necklaces offer a bolder look perfect for evening functions.

Our luxury South Sea pearl and diamond designs are also guaranteed to bring a touch of sparkle to nighttime events and weddings. As are our sweeping, tactile pearl lariat necklaces which can be worn in a whole host of different ways.

If you like contemporary pearl jewellery, how about a unique leather and pearl piece? From freshwater pearl chokers to award-winning black Tahitian pearl necklaces, these edgy designs showcase pearls in a way you’ve never seen before.

We also offer a stunning range of pearl necklaces featuring gemstones like amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine, sapphire and apatite, for those who love a splash of colour.

Why Coleman Douglas Pearls?

Each pearl used in our jewellery is hand-selected for its shape and silky lustre that complements all skin tones. As such, our creamy freshwater, golden South Sea & dark Tahitian pearl necklaces are hand-crafted from only the best pearls every time.

We also take great pride in our natural origins, know our pearl farmers by name and source only from those who meet our ethical standards. Each design is consciously produced for the wonderful women who wear them.

Find your perfect pearl necklace

From quirky baroque designs to 1920s inspired long pearl necklaces, browse our entire collection of pearl necklaces online to find the perfect one for you. Matching pearl earrings and bracelets are also available for the majority of styles.

Can’t find exactly what you had in mind? We also offer a bespoke jewellery service to help you bring your dream pearl necklace to life. Contact us to learn more.