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A Kaleidoscope of Elegance with Multi-coloured Pearls

Make a statement with our multi-coloured pearl necklace range. Each eye-catching design gives monochromatic outfits a splash of colour for an added sense of fun.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our multi-coloured pearl necklaces offer a playful twist on traditional single-shade designs for a more contemporary look.

From freshwater pearl designs with colourful semi-precious stones like apatite and amethyst, to bold asymmetric styles and intricate multi-strand pearl lariats, there’s something for everyone in our multi-coloured pearl necklace collection.

If you prefer something more subtle, we also supply multi-coloured pearl necklaces which feature one pearl colour in a spectrum of different shades. Our black Tahitian pearl jewellery, for example, boasts varying overtones of purple, silver and green.

For a vibrant and youthful finish, set your multi-coloured pearl necklace against a crisp white blouse and complete the look with a matching bracelet.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

Our innovative approach to jewellery design has led to global recognition and awards for our unique pieces, and our multi-coloured pearl necklaces are no exception.

In fact, they are unlike any other pearl necklace on the market, featuring unusual materials such as silk and wood alongside rock crystal and colourful gemstones. This makes them ideal for outgoing people with their own individual style.

Find a multi-coloured pearl necklace for you

Whether you’re looking for a long multiple strand design for a special event, or a simpler style for everyday wear, we have a multi-coloured pearl necklace to suit your taste.

Got something more specific in mind? Our bespoke design service gives you the opportunity to design your own multi-coloured pearl necklace from scratch, with the help of our London-based jewellery specialists. Contact us today to learn more.