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The Prized Lustre of South Sea Pearls

Our hand-threaded South Sea pearl jewellery is made with only the most exquisite saltwater gems. Whether you’re looking for pearl pendants to add a chic addition to a workday outfit, or you’re searching for an eye-catching pearl bracelet to elevate your look for a special event, we have a range of sleek designs to suit your taste.

Prized for their lustre, South Sea pearls are highly sought-after gems. Produced in white, silver and gold-lipped oysters that account for their natural colours, these pearls have various overtones ranging from white and silver through to pale pink, light gold, and even a burnt orange hue.

We take only the very best of each pearl harvest, and as each oyster produces just one South Sea pearl in its lifetime, our South Sea pearl jewellery designs are as unique as the individuals who wear them.

Blending contemporary design with bold styling, our white South Sea pearl and diamond earrings take inspiration from Russian royalty and blend seamlessly from day to night. Alternatively, our white South Sea pearl & citrine ‘happy’ necklace will bring the warmth of Mexican coral reefs to your day.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

South Sea pearl jewellery from Coleman Douglas Pearls is sustainably sourced from locations including Australia, Indonesia and Burma. We work with ethical producers only, who prioritise ecosystem regeneration whilst supporting local communities. Our in-house team also boasts three decades of pearl expertise and can help you create a bespoke design tailored to your needs.

Discover unique South Sea Pearl Jewellery

Whatever style and colour you prefer, at Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have a large collection of heirloom-worthy South Sea Pearl jewellery to explore. Browse our entire range online to find your favourite, or book a private consultation and let us help you choose a timeless design that complements your natural beauty.