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Embrace Drama with Our Black Pearl Ring Collection

Be anything but ordinary with our black pearl ring range. This inky shade’s mystifying undertones will shine through naturally in the light, adding drama to your outfit.

Our sculpted black pearl rings offer a pared back look that’s perfect for the daytime. Choose between Biwa and Freshwater pearls encased in a sterling silver mount, with a smooth band that is easily complemented by a simple pearl pendant.

If you prefer more unique designs, our hammered black pearl rings are handcrafted to create a textured finish that adds interest to the band. This is then topped off with a moody black pearl to produce a ring that can be worn alone or stacked with others.

For special occasions and dinner parties, how about a stunning black Tahitian pearl ring? Available in yellow or white gold, this modern design is set with a bold Tahitian pearl, miniature diamonds and a choice of tourmalines or amethysts to suit you.

Pair your chosen ring with a coordinating black pearl necklace and set of black pearl earrings to bring your look together for the evening.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we collaborate with eco-conscious pearl farmers across the globe to ensure that the gems used in our black pearl rings are sourced as responsibly as possible, with minimal impact on the natural environment.

In addition, we check every pearl by hand before incorporating it into our jewellery to make sure there are no marks, scratches or stains that could taint the piece.

Find a beautiful black pearl ring

If white pearls don’t fit your style, black pearls are a great alternative. Essentially colourless, our black pearl rings are highly versatile and will complement a variety of different outfits and occasions.

Not sure if black is your colour? Or maybe you need help selecting some matching jewellery? Book a personal consultation at our London atelier for expert advice.