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Radiate Personality with Earthy Copper Hues

Make your mark with our eclectic range of copper pearl rings. The alluring, amber tones shine bright in the sunlight, adding a subtle glow to your chosen look.

Hand crafted from sterling silver, our stunning copper pearl rings feature a smooth finish and a single copper pearl set into the band as the central motif.

Each design can be adjusted to fit sizes F to Q, and we also offer matching copper pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings to complement our copper pearl rings for different occasions.

Combining cool silver, earthy brown and rich orange hues, our copper pearl rings ooze personality. Their warm undertones also suit a range of skin tones including Gaelic, honey and olive complexions, making them highly versatile.

Pair your chosen ring with neutral shades like black, white and beige for a classic look, or opt for contrasting greens and blues to create a more distinctive finish.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

With over thirty years in the jewellery trade, our pearl artisans are experts at designing and crafting copper pearl rings to the highest standards.

Each pearl is hand-selected for its shape and lustre, and we also work in conjunction with the UK’s top silversmiths to ensure the longevity of our copper pearl rings.

Find the perfect copper pearl ring 

Whether you’re looking for a design to wear every day or a bespoke piece for a special event, there’s something to fit every need in our copper pearl ring range.

Need help choosing the perfect design? Book a private consultation and we’ll help you select the ideal copper pearl ring for you, plus matching accessories as required.