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We take pride in our natural origins, we know our pearl farmers by name, sourcing only from those who meet our ethical standards. Each design is consciously produced for the wonderful women who wear them.

Living Gems: Pearls (unlike any other gem) are created inside a living mollusk, they are totally organic. Both natural and cultured pearls grow beneath the water’s surface in fragile ecosystems. Pearls are highly susceptible to pollution - the cleaner the water and the healthier the environment, the better the quality of pearl.

Ecosystem Regeneration: Many pearl farmers are active environmentalists, ensuring their pearls are nurtured in clean surroundings. Studies prove that pearl farming can improve water quality and the local ecosystem, with positive impacts on coral reef conservation.

Supporting Local Communities: We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers, verifying they operate in an environmentally friendly way. Pearl farming has proven a viable alternative to fishing, this diversification of the local economy helps reduce overfishing.

Sustainability is a natural part of pearl farming. What you see is what was harvested from the water.