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Short vs Long Pearl Pendant Necklaces: 7 Styling Tips

  • 4 min read

Short vs Long Pearl Pendant Necklaces: 7 Styling Tips

From the sleek simplicity of a simple pearl pendant to the dramatic allure of diamond pearl pendants, these stunning jewellery designs complement everything from office wear to evening dresses.

Typically measuring anywhere from 14 to 20 inches in length, pearl pendant necklaces remain consistently popular thanks to their endless versatility and capacity to flatter all figures and face shapes.

That said, if you’re trying to decide whether a long or short pendant necklace would suit you best, there are several factors that may impact which style you go for. From your frame to your outfit, discover the key things to consider when choosing a design below. We’ll also provide some extra styling tips to help you find the perfect pairing.

What to consider when choosing a short or long pearl pendant necklace

Your features and frame

Choosing the right pearl pendant for your features and frame will ensure the design complements and highlights your natural beauty.

A short pendant necklace like this pink freshwater pearl pendant best suits people with slim and long necks. It can also help to soften the appearance of more angular features on diamond, heart-shaped and oblong faces. The simple elegance of these designs also pair beautifully with pink freshwater pearl studs for a cohesive look.

Alternatively, long pendant necklace like our grey baroque pearl pendant rest against or just below the collarbone, and flatter most figures and face shapes. The versatility of this style – otherwise known as a ‘princess necklace’ – makes each design an ideal transition piece, working seamlessly across different outfits from day to night.


You should also consider the occasion of wear. When it comes to everyday or casual scenarios, a freshwater pearl pendant works across the board. More affordable than the highly sought-after South Sea pearls, freshwater pearl designs are practical for daily wear and are nonetheless a glamourous addition to any outfit.

Select an ever-stylish cream or white design, or opt for an understated grey pearl pendant to add tonal distinction to your look. If you’re looking for a short pendant necklace for regular wear,our white freshwater pearl silver pendant brings a touch of class. And it can be easily enhanced by pairing with a set of matching pearl earrings.

Meanwhile, when it comes to evening occasions, a chic black pearl pendant is a great option. For example, this black Tahitian pearl, green tsavorite & diamond design will enhance the elegance of your outfit.

We also have a range of pearl bridal jewellery if you’re looking for the finishing touch for your wedding dress. This includes eye-catching designs like the white South Sea pearl and diamond Tsarina pendant complementary earrings are available too.


If you can’t decide whether a short or long pearl pendant necklace is better for you, take a look at your wardrobe. Notice the necklines that dominate your clothing. Simple V-necks work best with a short pendant necklace like our white freshwater pearl single strand necklace, whilst the drama of a plunging neckline would benefit from a long pendant necklace.

Square, sweetheart and scoop necklines can be enhanced with a bold tassel pendant like our black Tahitian pearl ‘happy’ necklace. This style will also elongate the appearance of your face and neck by creating a slimming V-shaped focal point.

Sense of style

Do you prefer eclectic maximalism or understated minimalism? Are you inclined to appreciate the abstract sophistication of a baroque pearl pendant, or is the simplicity of awhite freshwater pearl pendant more in keeping with your look?

Taking stock of your own sense of style can help you to choose apearl pendant that will complement your wardrobe and pair effortlessly with multiple outfits.

3 ways to style pearl pendant necklaces

As a statement design

Arm yourself with fortitude and resilience by wearing our award-winning black Tahitian pearl and amber ‘warrior’ long necklace. Shimmering black freshwater pearls and an amber pendant are handwoven into this design, which has been crafted to emulate both the tenderness and strength of women. Wear alone as a singular statement, or elevate your look with a matching pair of ‘warrior’ earrings.

As an everyday piece

Although pearls makes a fantastic addition to any evening outfit, there’s no need to keep them for special occasions. Incorporate a short pendant necklace like our black Freshwater pearl silver pendant into your daily attire to create a sleek finish.

Or if classic black and white tones aren’t your thing, we also have a range of pink pearl pendants and evencopper pearl pendants to add a youthful pop of colour to any look. You can also dress up a pearl pendant by adding a pair ofpearl drop earrings, or keep it simple with a classicwhite pearl pendant.

As evening wear

Perhaps you have an important occasion coming up, and you’re looking for a timeless design to wear for the event and cherish thereafter. There’s a reason pearl jewellery continues to be worn on red carpets, after all!

A long pearl pendant necklace like our black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond pendant suspends two peacock black Tahitian pearls in a white-gold setting alongside pink tourmaline and sparkling diamonds. Turn heads by pairing with matching earrings, and ensure that the event is one you’ll never forget.

Find a pearl pendant that complements you

If you’re still unsure about whether a short or long pendant necklace would best suit you, book into a personal consultation with our pearl experts. With over three decades of experience, we’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to choose a design that flatters and enhances your natural radiance.

Alternatively, we can design a bespoke pearl pendant with you, creating a piece that tells your story, that you can treasure for years to come. Contact us to find out more.


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