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Modern Glamour Meets Classic Style in Black Pearl Earrings

Complement any outfit with our opulent collection of black pearl earrings. The deep, moody shade is beautifully multi-tonal and gleams when it catches the light, whichever style you choose.

Our bold black pearl earrings combine metallic shine and iridescent overtones for a modern and slightly unconventional take on a classic jewellery staple.

Choose from simple Biwa studs to add a subtle edginess to your look or elaborate freshwater drop styles paired with a matching black pearl necklace or sleek black pearl ring for the evening.

For special occasions, opt for luxury Tahitian pearl hoops with beautiful hints of either grey, green or purple to complement your features. Some styles even feature diamond encrusted stems for an additional hint of sparkle.

We also design black pearl earrings with colourful gemstones such as amethyst for a splash of colour, as well as white and grey pearl combinations to soften the look and add contrast.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we work with sustainable pearl farmers around the world who employ the latest eco-friendly methods to harvest and process the luminous gems that go into our jewellery.

As such, you can be confident that your black pearl earrings, whether Freshwater or Tahitian, have been sourced with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Find a pair of black pearl earrings to suit you

If you’re looking for unique pearl jewellery that oozes confidence and is sure to add an element of mystery to your outfit, our black pearl earrings could be the perfect option for you.

Not sure whether a warm or cool shade will suit you best? Book a 1:1 consultation at our London boutique and our team will help you find the best black overtone for you.