Our Story

Cultured Pearl Torso

Our heritage and passion for pearls has its roots with our lead designer’s love for pearl jewellery; ignited as she poured over her parents' art and period costume books at a young age. The myth and history of pearls has always fascinated Chrissie Douglas and when Lucia van der Post, fashion editor of the Financial Times, discovered her in 1995 a lifelong love of pearls blossomed.

Our story is varied, exciting and spans decades; it goes from named designer for Irridesse founded by Tiffany & Co, to making pearl design suitable for rock stars and royalty,  appearing on TV and radio shows to sharing pearl knowledge at intimate  focus groups and the Hochhauser auditorium at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We have created transparent pearl encrusted dresses that shocked and pearl body armour described as “Wearable Objects d’Art”. Classic and multifunctional pearl jewellery designs that have won numerous awards to surprising creations using shell, felt or leather for the “Biker Chic” collection showcased at the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary.  Our pearl creations have toured the world in various exhibitions like “Pearls” or “Opulence and Obsession” Read further for more on our Heritage

Today, Chrissie Douglas is acknowledged as a leading authority in the field of pearls and has won numerous design awards.  For those wanting to learn more about pearls, Chrissie enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise of pearls and regularly gives lectures on the quality, beauty and history of pearls in the Knightsbridge studio.

For information on upcoming pearl talks and events, or to book your own bespoke pearl talk for friends or work colleagues, please contact us at enquiries@pearls.co.uk

Our mission statement is encapsulated in “Fashion changes but style endures” - Coco Chanel