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“Born in Mexico to two famous artists I was exposed to creativity and the discipline of good design from an early age - no wonder colour is one of my greatest inspirations, the key that defines the bold combination of playfulness, wearability and daily glamour.

I started Coleman Douglas Pearls aged 29, mixing pearls with semi-precious stones and other more unusual materials like leather, silk and wood. I knew my designs were resonating with people when Lucia Van Der Post crowned me the “Pearl Queen” in “How To Spend It” for the Financial Times. I have never looked back, winning numerous Tahitian design awards, worldwide; and collaborating with the likes of Tiffany & Co, the V&A, HRH Princess Anne; showcasing in Harrods, Liberty of London, Fortnum & Mason, Paris, Japan and the U.S.

I create what I like to wear. It must be comfortable, versatile, unfussy, yet also tell a story - wearable art. The part I enjoy most is matching each client to their perfect pearl colour and shape; the lustre of a pearl literally “lights-up” your face, enhancing your natural beauty.

Ultimately, pearl jewellery is about character: glamour, passion and humour – of the craftsman, the designer and the woman who will ultimately wear it, creating jewellery for remarkable women.”

Heritage: “My love of pearls runs in the family. My ancestor Alfred Smith was a pearl specialist and owner of A&J Smith Jewellers in Aberdeen. He spent hours fishing for natural freshwater pearls in Scotland. Pouring over his hand-drawn designs sparked my life-long love affair with pearls. I have studied their history and tradition within jewellery, making me one of the UK’s leading pearl authorities (as acknowledged by Carol Woolton, jewellery editor for Vogue). As a family-run business I am proud to have become the “family jeweller” for many of my clients, this has meant we have never advertised, growing through word of mouth alone."

Conscious Choice: All our designs are hand-crafted in our atelier in London, with responsibly sourced pearls and conflict-free diamonds.

Unique Features: To protect the authenticity of our work the majority of our designs have a hall-marked precious metal tag with our logo. Where possible, we also use a signature pearl clasp as opposed to a metal one.