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Wondering where to buy high-end pearls in London? Our exquisite fine pearl jewellery range features tasteful designs perfect for celebrating special occasions and marking milestone achievements. Gift hand-chosen pearls for a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary, and help the wearer relive the joy of that day each time they don them. Or treat yourself to a flattering legacy piece that will serve you well for years to come.

The collection boasts both 18ct white and yellow gold pearl necklaces and earrings to complement your complexion. Each design is hand-set with luxury South Sea pearls, dazzling Akoya pearls or inky Tahitian pearls with mesmerising peacock overtones. Many of our fine pearl jewellery designs also incorporate diamonds and precious gems.

For example, our white South Sea pearl and diamond drop earrings with beautiful silver overtones are bound to garner attention. Pair with a premium pearl strand necklace featuring a diamond leaf centrepiece for a showstopping finish at evening events and weddings. Or opt for a single pearl pendant that effortlessly transfers from day to night.

For something a little different, how about a set of iridescent Tahitian pearls with green or purple overtones? Or perhaps a fine pearl design that includes vivid gemstones like cornelian, amethyst or tourmaline for a contemporary twist? And if classic spherical pearls don’t fit the bill, we also stock baroque pearl bracelets and coordinating earrings.

Where to buy fine pearl jewellery in London

Having designed fine pearl jewellery for over three decades, Coleman Douglas Pearls is the obvious choice. All of our pearls are ethically sourced and quality checked by hand. This ensures that only the best ones make their way into our jewellery designs.

Browse the full collection online or request an appointment at our London studio to find a set of expertly matched pearls. Alternatively, we can help you create a bespoke item that incorporates all of your favourite elements. Enquire now.