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Layered Elegance in Multi Strand Pearl Bracelets

Looking to add a little extra sparkle to your outfit? Explore our varied collection of multi strand pearl bracelets. Delicately layered pearls combine to create a stylish look suitable for a range of occasions. Our tactile leather and pearl designs are ideal for everyday wear, as are our mixed size styles with creamy freshwater pearls intertwined with elegant seed pearls. Meanwhile, our unusual Biwa multi strand pearl bracelets in white, pink, grey or black, can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for transitioning from day to night.  

For parties and special occasions, you can add instant drama with our opulent freshwater cuff designs and warrior-inspired armbands with pearls peppered throughout. Or for something more subtle but just as luxurious, how about a classic white double strand pearl bracelet or a contemporary Tahitian design with peacock overtones?

We also stock a range of styles featuring semi-precious stones like rock crystal, quartz and aquamarine for something a little different. If you’re searching for a gift for someone special, we can supply unique and thoughtful multi strand pearl bracelets with a secret “I Love You” note spelled out in morse code!

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

With over thirty years’ experience under our belts, the Coleman Douglas team are experts at designing unique and beautiful multi strand pearl bracelets – the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. We are also sticklers for perfection and as such, each pearl that goes into our bracelet designs is hand-chosen before being threaded. The final design is then quality checked before being despatched to ensure a high quality product every time.

Find the perfect multi strand pearl bracelet

Whether you’re looking for a bold and playful design or something more understated, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from in our multi strand pearl bracelet collection and bespoke pieces are also available.