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Discover the Allure of Hand-Sourced Akoya Pearl Jewellery

Prized for their rich hues, intense lustre and spherical shape, each pearl in our akoya pearl jewellery range is carefully hand-sourced from our sustainable pearl producers. From the timelessness of akoya pearl necklaces to the chic statement of a matching pearl ring, our akoya pearl designs are enduringly elegant and endlessly versatile.

Originating in the mild oceanic waters around Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia, akoya pearls remain consistently popular. Moreover, each design is made all the more unique by the fact that individual oysters will only ever produce one akoya pearl in their lifetime. And no two are the same.

Akoya pearl jewellery is cherished for its ability to illuminate the natural beauty of the wearer. This is thanks to the mirror-like surface of the pearls, which reflects and refracts natural light. Ranging in tone from pale or deep blues and greys through to pale gold, akoya pearls complement every wearer’s style, complexion and design preference. They even come in ‘pinked’ hues for a more diverse colour spectrum.

Whether you’re looking elevate an everyday outfit with the addition of white akoya pearl stud earrings, or you’re searching for a statement design like the multi-tonal akoya pearl necklace, we have akoya pearl jewellery to suit every taste.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

We’ve established professional relationships with the world’s most reputable pearl farmers and silversmiths over the course of three decades. Each akoya pearl used in our designs is responsibly harvested before being hand-crafted at our London atelier.

In addition, during our 1 to 1 personal consultation process, we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind akoya pearl jewellery design that tells your individual story.

Discover heirloom akoya pearl jewellery

Browse timeless akoya pearl jewellery in our online collection or enquire about our bespoke service to tailor a custom design that you’ll treasure throughout the years.