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Discover Unique Keshi Pearl Jewellery

  • 4 min read

Discover Unique Keshi Pearl Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for versatile pearl earrings to wear every day or a pearl necklace to add a little ‘oomph’ to eveningwear, you have many different types of pearls to choose from.

Considered something of an insider’s secret, Keshi pearl jewellery is a unique way to showcase your unique character and style in your sartorial choices. Keshi pearls are very unusual in that they’re both irregular in shape and very rare.

Choosing a Keshi pearl jewellery design makes for a unique addition to your jewellery box. We deep dive into these idiosyncratic gems below.

What are Keshi pearls?

Keshi pearls are exceptionally unique and increasingly desired gems. Made entirely of nacre, Keshi pearls are always irregular in shape.

Their rarity and natural irregularity makes Keshi pearl jewellery idiosyncratic. You’ll find them in a range of abstract, dynamic shapes. Consider Keshi pearls as something of an insider’s secret – envious or curious friends will be asking after your newfound Keshi pearl design.

How are Keshi pearls formed?

There are two main distinctions between types of pearls – natural and cultured, and freshwater and saltwater. A natural pearl is formed accidentally, whereas a cultured pearl is created through human cultivation. Freshwater pearls are cultivated in freshwater molluscs, whereas saltwater pearls are cultivated in oysters located in protected ocean inlets.

The word ‘Keshi’ derives from the Japanese for ‘poppy seeds’, which aptly describes these tiny, seed-like pearls.

Keshi pearls, found by default in pearl farms, can be either cultured or naturally occurring. However, even the naturally occurring ones are typically referred to simply as Keshi pearls.

They can also be formed when a mollusc rejects or expels the introduced irritant that normally forms a pearl, but still produces nacre, creating a rare, non-nucleated pearl. The fact that the Keshi pearl is non-nucleated is what makes it different, it is a pearl made entirely of nacre.

Keshi pearls can originate from both freshwater and saltwater environments. Keshi pearls are usually only cultivated in chunky oysters, including rainbow lipped oysters, or those that produce Tahitian or South Sea pearls.

What colours does Keshi pearl jewellery come in?

Whether natural or cultured, saltwater Keshi pearls have a distinctive lustre and surface iridescence. Keshi pearl jewellery is therefore highly sought after by both collectors and jewellery enthusiasts.

The unique character and irregular shape of Keshi pearl jewellery distinguishes these gems. Asymmetrical and totally unique in shape, each Keshi pearl has its own unique markings and texture – its imperfections are all part of the charm.

Keshi pearls can come in a range of hues, ranging from delicate pastels to luscious creams. The colour of Keshi pearl jewellery varies depending on the type of mollusc and environment that produced the gem. Different minerals can result in different colour tones.

A design like our white Keshi pearl and chalcedony ‘the twist’ long necklace offers versatility and elegance to any outfit. Drape down the open back of an evening gown, or wear with a shirt and matching pearl drop earrings for eye-catching workwear.

Is Keshi pearl jewellery a good investment?

From the attractive colour ranges of freshwater pearls to the heirloom glamour of South Sea pearls, pearl jewellery is having a real moment.

One great way of distinguishing your pearlescent look is by choosing more unusual pearl types and shapes. Baroque pearl jewellery has been spotted on celebrities including Harry Styles and Billie Eilish, proving the modish appeal of more distinctive and idiosyncratic pearl jewellery designs.

Like baroque pearls, Keshi pearl jewellery is prized for the scarcity and individual beauty of each gem. Keshi pearls are increasingly cherished as legacy designs because of their unpredictable and unique look. Their rarity also means that Keshi pearls are typically more expensive than alternative pearl types.

Choosing a Keshi pearl jewellery design therefore makes for a fabulous investment piece. A design like our grey Tahitian Keshi pearl and diamond ‘kiss’ pendant combines a sculpted design with the one-of-a-kind quality of the Keshi pearl. Wear to evoke memories of stolen kisses with your loved ones.

How to style Keshi pearl jewellery

The distinct charm and abstract appeal of Keshi pearl jewellery makes these designs glamourous additions to any outfit.

With that said, it’s sensible to consider your styling for a piece like our white Keshi pearl and smokey quartz ‘the twist’ long necklace.

Long necklaces look particularly striking against a high or boat neckline. Drape our design over a turtleneck and pair with a blazer for a smart casual event. Complement the ‘salt and pepper’ look of the cool Keshi pearls and smokey quartz with black pearl earrings for maximum effect. Our black freshwater pearl cuff studs are understated options, or wear with our grey and black freshwater pearl double drop earrings for a bit more drama.

Alternatively, wear our shorter white Keshi pearl and chalcedony ‘the twist’ necklace with scoop, cowl, V-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines. At approximately 16 inches in length, this choker style necklace emulates Parisian chic. This Keshi pearl jewellery design will especially suit wearers with slim, longer necks, or those looking to soften more angular facial features. Layer with a white pearl pendant or two for an appealingly maximal effect.

Design your own item of Keshi pearl jewellery

If you’re looking for a pearl design to emulate your unique character and cherish for years to come, Keshi pearl jewellery makes an ideal investment piece.

Individual, abstract, and irregular, Keshi pearls add guaranteed glamour to any look. Create a bespoke Keshi pearl jewellery design by booking into a personal consultation with Coleman Douglas Pearls. We’ll bring over thirty years’ experience to the process, helping you to feel beautifully confident in perfectly matched Keshi pearls. Benefit from a personal consultation and invest in a legacy Keshi pearl design.


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