What our clients say

My Mum and I so enjoyed our visit, champagne and scrummy nibbles on your Pearl Talk event. It was highly informative and so much fun. - Katie

A quick note of thanks for a delightful evening on Friday. Please pass our appreciation to Chrissie and the rest of the team who made it so pleasant. My wife and I learned a lot, enjoyed your generous hospitality, and certainly know where to come (or to send friends) when only pearls will do! - Tony

I just want to say thank you for a lovely evening yesterday and thank you for making my friend, Jane feel so welcome. We all really enjoyed your talk and the experience of the whole evening - I think I’ve now converted ‘the girls to pearls’! - Elaine

I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely afternoon yesterday. Thank you for welcoming us, for being so attentive and for helping me find the perfect necklace for Abigail. What a memory to treasure! - Claire

Thought you might just like to see how the next generation is enjoying your pearls: this is our five and a half years old granddaughter - Laura- wearing the pearls B gave her for her Christening - Catherine

I don't think I ever let you know how successful the earrings were for Shirley and Izzy at Christmas. They loved them... Your taste, as always, was impeccable. Thank you so much... I look forward to seeing you soon. - Paul

Order received safe and sound and on time, as indicated. Well in time for our pearl wedding anniversary Beautiful jewellery. Many thanks for processing my order so efficiently -  Ray

Thank you so much for all your help in re-designing and re-stringing my pearl necklace. It sat neglected in my jewellery box for years because the colour and length did not suit my style, it is now constantly round my neck !  - Harriet

Thank you very much for all your help with The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland. It was very generous of you to give me so much of your time and I am extremely grateful. I hope you enjoy the book ! - Julia

Thank you pearl team for guiding my husband to the perfect pearl necklace as a gift for our pearl wedding anniversary, I adore it and can't wait till Christmas ... see you soon ! - Joan

My husband and I went to Coleman Douglas Pearls to choose a special present for my 30th birthday.  We received such a warm welcome to the lovely showroom on Beauchamp Place, and not knowing a great deal about pearls we asked Chrissie to recommend a pair of earrings that might be suitable.  She selected the most stunning pair of earrings – but not something I would necessarily have had the courage to select myself.  I was absolutely blown away when she held them up to my ears!  My entire face lit up, the blue in my eyes was more apparent and my husband was really impressed!  They simply made me feel beautiful and I was so happy I had asked for her advice!  Without hesitation I told my husband those were the ones I wanted, and I will treasure them for years to come.  I cannot recommend Coleman Douglas Pearls highly enough.  Thank you Chrissie and Coleman Douglas Pearls! – Rebecca

Really enjoyed the talk and thought Chrissie was a very good and entertaining speaker.   She was a great character and made it fun. She had some beautiful pearls for us to see. I found the talk very interesting. Chrissie explained things very clearly. I will certainly visit the store in Beauchamp Place - Lucy

It was lovely to meet you yesterday at F&M.  Mum absolutely loved the necklace and honestly, was quite stunned when she opened it just now.  Thank you so much - Anne

Thank you so much for the wonderful evening we spent learning all about your gorgeous pearls. I found that the only thing that made me look even half alive whilst in chemo was wearing a pair of your beautiful pearl earrings which had been a gift from my sister a couple of years earlier. I wore them every day during that whole period, and even now I probably wear them more often than any of my other earrings. So my conclusion is that every girl going through chemo needs a pair of knockout pearl earrings to make her feel like herself again - Susie

I am with my sisters and the present will be closely guarded until the great day. It is all most exciting and I can only thank you profoundly for creating such a beautiful, unique necklace for my dearest younger sister - Emma

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help. The package arrived safe and sound on Friday and I stealthily sneaked
it home yesterday. The wrapping looked amazing by the way!  Not sure how I am going to pretend that was all my work - its almost too perfect! ;) Anyway, thanks again for all your help, really is appreciated - Simon

I have received my pearl necklace and am very pleased with it!  Thank you for all your help and advice - Lisa

Just to let you know that my sister-in-law just LOVED her pearl!!!  She was getting lots of compliments wearing it today - Debbie

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and to Philly for a wonderful, wonderful evening yesterday.  We all loved it; everyone has come in this morning buzzing about what a good time we had, how much they enjoyed meeting you and seeing your beautiful jewellery.  Kate is wearing her earrings and they look lovely!! Thank you for your time, your hospitality, your expertise – and just for being you!  You were the most amazing hostess and a gentle, expert guide through the world of pearls - Boo

I thought this was a great talk. Fascinating! - Fiona

Your package has arrived - already!  Carolyn just opened it up and checked everything out - even modelled the jewellery for me to see.  Just beautiful.  Thank you again.  I’m sure it will be enjoyed for many years to come - Elaine

 My guest Carmen and I really enjoyed Chrissie's talk,  it was a great event to come to - it was very interesting to learn so much about pearls – Penelope

The pearl necklace was so beautifully restrung - thank you! I have so enjoyed wearing it again - Kristina

My bracelet and necklace arrived safely i am thrilled with them both. Thank you for your help with exchanging the grey bracelet, and having the peacock black one made for me, it is beautiful - Sheila

Very very pleased with  my pearls you are a star - Georgina

I look forward to the next time we visit your beautiful shop. My turn next. :) - Sarah

I love the necklace that you altered for me, and the little pearl and diamond drop which is much admired - Christine

My earrings arrived today, they are beautiful - Sheila

Many, many thanks for your help with Mum and her coral the other day - for all Mum's protests it was very important that it was taken to a place that would take care of them,  your care and attention with regard to the design of the restringing was really lovely - thank you. It meant a great deal to her and to me - Sue

I just thought I would write to say thanks very much for the excellent help and advice I had at Beauchamp Place yesterday. The necklace was extremely well received and I am sure I will be back - David

The pendant was a great success and looked absolutely beautiful on my niece, the colouring perfect. Thank you and see you soon - Gemma

Many thanks for the beautiful pearl earrings, I am very happy indeed with them - Mary

I'm all set for our 30th anniversary. Nicely presented. Thanks – Chris

Naomi loved the necklace and wore it to her Masters graduation.  It was a special day. Thanks so much to everyone for their help – Sue

Just to say an enormous thank you for designing and making my key ring to compliment my racy little car!! What a superb idea, and so, so beautiful. Looks like you could be on to a winner there. I am so delighted, and the envy of all my friends, family and colleagues! Also the ribbons and threaded pearl chokers/bracelets went down a treat with our staff. – Kari

Fantastic service! My mother recently bought some pearls from you in store and highly recommended you. I can see why - Josh

Thanks so much for redesigning my necklace--- it looks lovely and will be enjoyed for many years to come by me and no doubt others after - Judy

Chrissie thank you so much for all your help in choosing my beautiful pearls. I love wear them all the time, especially as ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, complimented me on them! - Kit

Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect necklace  and earrings to go with my dress - Helen

The pearls are amazing - drawing awe and wonder all over… they are of course out again for lunch today! - Georgina

Madeleine was a very happy bridesmaid who proudly told me ‘I love it and will wear it on my wedding day’.  Her mission in life that day was to arrange my train. You should have seen all four bridesmaids open there gifts and with great excitement put them on - Patricia

Thank you for hosting the Members in your studio last week,  and also for the sold-out talk in October. Both were incredibly popular and we were delighted with the response from the Members. - Alex - Victoria and Albert Museum

Susie absolutely LOVED the earrings so I was really thrilled. Thalia's birthday on Tuesday so I will give her the pendant then. Thank you all again - Helen

Thank you again for doing such a great job on the pendant, we are delighted with it - Anna

Thank you so much for such quick attention to my pearl emergency.  I'm delighted to have two pairs - I feel like myself again! You're the best! - Wynn

The boys all really loved their tie pins, they went down very well and  Helen loved the diamond earrings and wore them down the aisle for the first time. Many thanks for all your help - Henry

Thank you so much for a fascinating evening - Marlene

My beautiful earrings have arrived. They really are stunning - thank you. Not only are they ideal for the big day but they are also classic enough to wear on a regular basis - Lisa

I just saw Helen Mirren in her new film 'The Debt'. The pearls she wore were so lovely and in the film credits they indicated they were from Coleman Douglas Pearls. You have a wonderful website - Katherine

My daughter loved the beautiful pearls for her birthday. Thank you so much - Julia

To Chrissie the Top Designer, Thank you so much for helping me choose those gorgeous earrings. It was lovely to spend some of my birthday in such a nice shop, thank you for putting up with my indecision for so long! I love my new earrings! Thank you again - Ally

The pearls arrived and she loved them – have some great photos as she wore then to her party. Thank you so much for turning them round so quickly - Jenny
Thank you so much for the loan of the pearls for Helen Mirran - they looked fabulous! Many thanks again – Charlotte

A huge thank you for a really wonderful evening last night, we all had such a fun time and learnt a huge amount.  Dinner was filled with chat about what we had learnt…I don’t think we realised that we knew so little in the first place.  Really really enjoyed learning about the origins and colours and values, completely fascinating - Kate

Where to start? I found a beautiful little box in my Christmas stocking and inside were the most lovely pearl earrings! Of course you know all about that as I hear that you helped Charlotte choose her wonderful Christmas present to me and I can only say thank you. They are really super and you were so kind to look after Charlotte and help her - Hilary

Thank you so much for re-stringing my necklace. It looks great - Viviane

A brief note to express thanks for such an enjoyable shopping experience pre-Christmas. My husband and I were most impressed with our first visit; thank you for being so helpful. Needless to say, I am quite delighted with my purchases! - Jan

Thank you so much for a most informative and fun talk last night. It was such  a delight to be in such convivial company and to be so inspired by the beauty of the pearls all around us. I am keen to come and find out which pearls suit me best and invest in some more - Annie

The Tahitian pearl necklace I purchased from you last month is proving very popular with my wife! The service I received from you was first class. Thank you all for your help and guidance - Michael

Just to let you know how much i am adoring these two "drop' chaps; I think I will never take them off as they make me look like I’m glowing. I have had many admirers this evening and wanted to share that with you. Thank you for the lovely living pearl life! - Elizabeth

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for helping me out with the beautiful bracelets for Hannah and the Bridesmaids. They are perfect and I know they will be loved! - Tom

You are a star, a pearl, a natural one. I am so pleased. The necklace - such a work of art. Thank you - Jenny

Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity. What made the wedding so special was everyone helping, giving and supporting us. And wearing the necklace was part of that whole experience - Anna

Many thanks for a most informative and enjoyable evening. It will be  good to come over during the day and have a better look at your fabulous pearls - Helena

Received the earrings. They are fantastic. Thank you very much - Adrien

I received my order yesterday and am thrilled with the earrings. Thank you for your help and good service - Nicky

Thank you for the lovely email. The pearls are truly beautiful and I was thrilled to receive such a special gift from my wonderful husband. I wore them this evening while cooking dinner - every occasion feels like an event when I'm wearing them! - Jodie

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did making my earrings. You were very efficient and a joy to buy from - Rachel

Just a quick note to thank you once again for the beautiful necklace - Jane

Thank you so much for your wonderful talk - Simon

I'm very pleased to say I successfully safeguarded Jodie's beautiful pearls (necklace and drop earrings) till her birthday last week. She was delighted, and is now looking forward to meeting you - Greg

I just wanted to write to say a big thank you for the necklace choice - Jo loves it and I have you to thank for the suggestion! - Scott

I am looking forward to seeing you again and James looks forward to meeting you. I told him some of the things that you taught us about pearls and he is very interested - Suzanne

It was so special being surrounded by such wonderful company and not forgetting the beautiful and artistic exhibition of the various pearls themselves - Margarita

What a fabulous pearl talk. Thank you so much - Rosie

A huge thank you once again for all your help. I wore my lovely pearls on the night and was very pleased to show them off. I love them! - Jacqui

I have been wearing both the necklace and ear-rings and I am really delighted with them both. They look really great and I am so pleased. Many thanks for your time and expertise on Saturday - Caroline

Thank you for absolutely fantastic service - Sandra

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the absolutely stunning pearl necklace. I can’t tell you how much it blessed me. I will treasure it all of my life. Thank you so very much - Rebecca

Thank so much for a splendid Pearl talk. How special. How wondrous - Jenny

Thank you for your excellent advice and help with the necklace for Francesca. We gave it to her last night and it suits her SO perfectly. She is absolutely thrilled with it which gives us great joy - as you can imagine. Thank you again - Harriet

I am the guy you very kindly took some time with last Thursday. I bought the  akoya and diamond earrings for my wife's birthday and she was absolutely delighted - Lee

I absolutely love the bracelet and am so proud every time I wear it, especially with the cryptic meaning! I have had so many comments, with lots of friends asking me where it is from. Thank you so much once again and I’m sure we will be in again soon! - Emily

It was a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday evening and my clients all loved the event. Your talk was passionate and interesting. Thanks again - Andy

I wear my lovely pearls everywhere and all the time! Peter loves his cufflinks and everyone is jealous of Vicky’s gorgeous pearl wellies - Val

I write with the most sincere wishes to thank you for the beautiful bracelets you so kindly helped me choose - Anne

Just wanted to let you know that the pearls I bought ten days ago for a Godchild have been a huge success. She is absolutely thrilled and they were the perfect choice. Many thanks indeed for all your help - George

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful gems I now own; I love them! Thank you for your patience in helping me find this necklace. Thank you, thank you, thank you - Selina

I have just heard from my niece with a thank you letter.  She loves the pearls and wore them to a dance complete with the long gloves I gave her as well. So many thanks for helping me choose them.  Only two more nieces to go! - Lisl

I would like to thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable evening yesterday. I learned a tremendous amount about pearls, and may I also thank you for spending so much time explaining so many details about pearls - Margarita

Just to say that my son is very pleased with his girlfriend's earrings, and I love mine - so  thank you! - Catriona

A huge thank you for a really wonderful evening last night, we all had such a fun time and learnt a huge amount.  Dinner was filled with chat about what we had learnt…I don’t think we realised that we knew so little in the first place.  Really really enjoyed learning about the origins and colours and values, completely fascinating.  Went home and looked at my pearl studs in a whole new light, rubbed them together and was very relieved that they were ‘gritty’ and not too smooth!  - Kate

Thanks so much for managing the expedient delivery. Navid was delighted and rightfully impressed but concerned that he would now have to buy more shirts needing cufflinks!!! - Ken

The pearls have arrived and my wife loves them! Thank you for your help. It's greatly appreciated - Terrence

Thank you for those beautiful pearls. I wore all of them on Thursday to Henley - think it was a bit over the top. Next time I'll just wear the long, 3 strand doubled - a bit more casual, and more "me". I LOVE the new pearls! - Christine

My bracelet has arrived safely and it is gorgeous! Thank you - Juliet

Just to say a huge thank you for sending the lovely earrings to my niece so quickly  - she simply adores them and apparently has not been out of them since she opened the box - sounds like a new devotee to me! - Jill

It was a pleasure to meet you last week with Kate and Clare, and thank you so much once again for a superb talk.  It was totally fascinating, and a group of magpies like us were utterly captivated. Thank you also for letting us try on so many of your treasures.  A massive treat and quite illuminating, seeing which colours and shapes suited us.  All excellent research! I look forward to seeing you again soon, and very many thanks again for an excellent talk and for your kind hospitality - Katharine

I am thrilled with my pearls (and all my other C D pearls for that matter!!) It was lovely to see you today and I am so glad that you are having all the success that you deserve - Davina

Here is a photograph of my sister-in-law & I in our beautiful pearl earrings.  Thank you again for being so amazingly efficient & lovely. I am thrilled with my pearls & will be in again to see you very soon - Patricia

I’ve just taken delivery of the earrings and I love everything about them; the lustre is wonderful, the stud is beautifully matched and I really like the movement in both the whole piece and the individual squares.
They’ve exceeded my expectations! - Rosemary

I would like to thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable  evening yesterday. I am more than appreciative for your very kind hospitality and your knowledge and teaching on Pearls. - Margarita

The necklace is absolutely delicious; pearl size/shape/color is perfect.  You did such a terrific job of tailoring it to my specs. The 2 clasps really change the look and feel of the necklace…which is exactly what I wanted – Karen

I would just like to thank you for the swift and great support you provided - Stéphane

Thank you very much for the very informative talk. I'm making notes... - Yves

I am very lucky now to have such beautiful pearls. I assure you I will be  wearing them all the time - they make me feel very special. Thank you for your guidance and for taking so much of your time to help me make the right choice – Pamela

Thank you so much for a very informative and enjoyable evening on Monday at the Pearl Talk. We all feel more knowledgeable now and I look forward to seeing you soon! - Helen

Your recent mailing reminded me of how much we enjoyed visiting your shop in the spring.  Our experience will always be remembered as one of the high-lights of our visit to London.  We were treated so graciously and the time we spent learning about pearls and making our modest selection was thoroughly enjoyable.  Great store, great staff and beautiful pearls...Thank you – Joan

The piece that I have provides me with the utmost joy, even as I type I look at it and think how clever you are! Thank you for all you have done and for the most wonderful attention and care you provide - Marlene

Thank you so much for re-setting my grey pearls to fit on the diamond studs: I am sure I will wear them a lot that way - Catherine   

An excellent lecture which I very much enjoyed, highly informative on the subject of pearls and a very engaging speaker - Alex

Thank you for the Pearl Talk. It really was an enjoyable and educational evening - Patricia