What our clients say

Pearl Earrings

“Chrissie selected the most stunning pair of earrings – something I would not necessarily have had the courage to select myself. I was absolutely blown away when Chrissie held them up to my ears! My entire face lit up, the blue in my eyes was more apparent and my husband was really impressed!” - Rebecca. Buy Baroque Pearls

“I found that the only thing that made me look even half alive whilst in chemo was wearing a pair of your beautiful pearl earrings. So my conclusion is that every girl going through chemo needs a pair of knockout pearl earrings to make her feel like herself again” - Susie. Buy Pearl Earrings

“Thank you so much for all your help in redesigning and restringing my pearl necklace. It sat neglected in my jewellery box for years because the colour and length did not suit my style, it is now constantly round my neck!” - Harriet. Buy Pearl Necklaces

“I don't think I ever let you know how successful the pendants were for Shirley and Izzy. They loved them... Your taste, as always, was impeccable. Thank you so much... I look forward to seeing you soon.” - Paul. Buy Pearl Pendants

“My beautiful earrings have arrived. They really are stunning - thank you. Not only are they ideal for the big wedding day but they are also classic enough to wear on a regular basis.” - Lisa. Buy Bridal Pearl Jewellery

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely afternoon yesterday. Thank you for welcoming us, for being so attentive and for helping me find the perfect necklace for Abigail. What a memory to treasure!” - Claire Find Your Perfect Pearl Colour
Want help choosing your pearls or want to design your own piece? Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7373 3369 or email cdp@pearls.co.uk to choose and create a piece that tells your story - a piece that will be treasured from one generation to the next. View more bespoke pearl jewellery.