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Discover the Subtle Beauty of pink pearl rings

Grown-up meets girly with our charming pink pearl ring collection. The soft blush pink designs can be paired with a variety of outfits to showcase your personality and add a subtle hint of colour without being overpowering.

Featuring rare pink freshwater pearls, our unique pink pearl ring collection offers a modern take on classic pearl jewellery. Sterling silver branch rings set with multiple sapphires and a single creamy pink pearl are perfect for parties and special events.

Meanwhile, our sculpted pink pearl rings with an encased pearl as the central motif, provide a pared-back look for a range of scenarios. Choose from a smooth or hammered silver finish to suit your style and pair with a delicate pink pearl pendant to complete the look.

We also stock a myriad of complementary pink pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets to match. In addition, our pastel pink pearl rings work well with pearl jewellery in cooler achromatic shades such as white, black and grey.

Why choose Coleman Douglas Pearls?

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we use only the top fifty freshwater pearls from a batch of one thousand to ensure high-quality designs every time.

Each pearl that goes into our pink pearl rings is hand-selected for its lustre, colour and smooth shape, while being checked for any imperfections before being added.

Find your perfect pink pearl ring

Whether you’re looking for a design that’s suitable for everyday wear or something a little bolder for the evening, we have the pink pearl ring for you in our collection.

From pale pink to peach tones, we can also tailor your chosen design with a pink freshwater pearl specially selected to complement your skin tone. Simply book a 1:1 consultation at our London studio and we’ll help you find your perfect colour.