Taking care of Pearls

Taking Care of Pearls


"Our designs are built to last a lifetime.
Keep them looking as beautiful as the day first purchased by taking care when storing & cleaning them.”
Chrissie Douglas


  • Wear your pearls as much a possible: Your natural oils keep your pearls moisturised. The lustre (glow) of your pearls will improve when worn next to your skin.
  • Store pearls in a silk or chamois leather pouch: To keep them hydrated. A dry/airless atmosphere (like a sealed plastic bag of a safe) will dry them out, their surface will crack and they will turn yellow.
  • Swimming in seawater: Will re-hydrate your saltwater pearls naturally, however the saltwater can dry out the thread holding your pearls together. Swimming in treated-water (chlorine) will significantly damage your pearls.
  • Wipe your pearls after use: With a damp cloth, removing any trace of  perspiration or perfume which will erode the surface of your pearls, diminishing their lustre (glow).
  • Pearls are alkaline: Perfume, hairspray and fake tan all contain chemicals that damage pearls and so are best avoided. (We collaborated with a Florentine perfumier to produce a unique scent that actually moisturizes the pearl! See here for details).
  • Keep pearls away from diamonds or metal: When not in use and never test their genuineness by biting them with your teeth. The surface of your pearl is very delicate, these precautions will protect your pearl from scratches.
  • When taking your pearls off: Remove your jewellery by its setting and store pieces lying flat (a necklace’s silk string will stretch if left hanging).
  • Examine the thread: Look for stretching, discoloration or fraying in the thread holding your pearls together. If the fine coiled wire (the gimp) between your necklace’s clasp and the string is discoloured or green, the string has rotten underneath. Get your pearls restrung, making your pearl design last a lifetime.
  • MOT: It costs £50 to get a pearl assessment. Chrissie (with 30 years of experience) will examine the quality and health of your pearls.
  • Re-stringing: It costs £50 + to have your pearls re-strung. Prices vary due to size and design. (Prices for natural pearls will be agreed after inspection.)

It is best to have your pearls cleaned by a reliable pearl specialist to avoid damage - steam or ultrasound cleaning could shatter your pearls. Give your pearls an annual check-up to protect and enhance your investment. 

Contact us to clean/restring your pearls by calling +44 (0) 20 7373 3369 or emailing cdp@pearls.co.uk.