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'Dawn and Dusk', the only perfume that nourishes your pearls. A novel design that was crafted in collaboration with the Florentine master-parfumier Sileno Cheloni.  

Most perfumes have alcohol which attacks a pearls’ radiance and eventually dulls the pearl. In contrast, Dawn and Dusk have a base tone of salt and water, mimicking our natural oils. These natural ingredients maintain the pearls moisture and add to its lustre. 

To prove this point, each phial of pearl essence contains a pearl which, as time goes by, increases in lustre due to our nourishing ingredients. Once the essence is finished this pearl can be strung onto a necklace - the pearl will exude a gentle scent for years to come. 

Our Pearl Essences have two distinct scents:

  • Dawn evokes a fresh morning sea breeze in French Polynesia. Its base notes are Amber and a musk accord of Ambergris and sea moss. Its head notes are seaweed and pink salt whilst white thyme and wild fennel are Dawn's heart notes.
  • Dusk has an essence which builds on Dawn and brings a sultry note with base characteristics of amber and a woody accord of ambergris and bamboo wood. Its heart notes are an aromatic melody of white thyme and African rosemary, with seaweed, pink salt and bergamot as its head notes.

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