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Modern Pearl Necklaces & Earrings for Fashionistas

  • 4 min read

Modern Pearl Necklaces & Earrings for Fashionistas

Ever since pearls burst back onto the fashion scene last year, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Offering a new take on classic styles, modern pearl necklaces and earrings transcend generations to provide something for every age and gender.

In fact, pearls have become so popular amongst designers, social media influencers and A-list celebrities that they’re no longer reserved for jewellery only – they’re cropping up on clothing, accessories and in interior décor schemes too.

With that in mind, if you’re a fashionista, you’ll likely want to hop on the trend yourself. Not sure where to start? Read on for the top modern pearl jewellery styles trending now, and some of our own design ideas to help you replicate the look.

The latest modern pearl earring and necklace trends

Hoop earrings

A big hit during the summer season, modern pearl hoop earrings are continuing to gain traction this winter, partly due to their feature on Dolce & Gabbana’s Autumn/Winter collection. Contemporary pearl earrings,combining white pearls with yellow gold hoops are leading the way. Embellished styles are also proving popular, layered hoop earrings, or pearls and diamonds dripping from a gold hoop. Both full and half hoops are in vogue and there are a whole host of different sizes to try, so there’s a design to suit everyone.

Layered necklaces

Just like the hoop earring trend, simple white pearl necklaces layered with metallic gold or silver chains are everywhere right now. Many people are also experimenting with stacking a mix of modern pearl necklaces in various lengths and colours. For instance, you could pair a simple, collar-length single strand design with several long pearl necklaces to add depth and texture to your look. We even have a guide on how to style a long pearl necklace to provide inspiration.

Tassels and fringes

Love tactile jewellery? Then the tasselled jewellery trend will be right up your street. Spotted on the runways of Valentino and Givenchy, maximalist-style modern pearl earrings with embellishments, fringing and multiple gems are experiencing a revival. Get the look with eye-catching, chandelier-style pearl drop earrings featuring cascading pearls. Ideal for parties and special occasions, as you dance the night away, they will move with you, catching the light to enhance your natural glow. Alternatively, you could opt for a vivid, tasselled pearl pendant with colourful details – perfect for adding a playful touch to a simple blouse.

Statement necklaces

Of course, fringed pendants aren’t the only contemporary pearl necklaces on trend at the moment. In fact, an assortment of statement pearl necklaces have featured on the catwalks of Simone Rocha and Carolina Herrera this season. From luxe multi-strand pearl necklaces to attention-grabbing pearl choker necklaces, the bolder the better! Similarly, stacked pearl bracelets with several rows of gems are also in style. Explore our top tips for styling statement pearl necklaces on our blog.

Baroque pearls

With many people moving away from perfectly spherical pearls and towards more authentic styles, baroque pearls are more popular than ever before. Adele is just one of a long list of celebrities to be pictured wearing modern pearl earrings with organic-shaped pearls as the central motif. And while saltwater pearls (normally the pricier end of the spectrum) are the true baroque gems, we also have a range of freshwater pearl necklaces and earrings featuring baroque-shaped pearls, so you can get the look even on a limited budget.

Pearls for men

Thanks to the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Joe Jonas and Usher, pearls for men have really caught on this year. As a result, inky Tahitian pearl necklaces and their white freshwater counterparts are becoming increasingly mainstream in the men’s fashion realm. Some trendsetting men may even opt to replicate Harry Styles’ single pearl drop earring look. That said, if modern pearl necklaces and earrings aren’t for you, we do stock classic pearl cufflinks and casual black pearl bracelets too.   

Oversized pearls

Got a special event coming up? Oversized pearls will elevate your look and take a simple little black dress to the next level. Indeed, taking inspiration from designers like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana has never been easier with our South Sea pearl jewellery collection. Boasting some of the largest pearls you’ll find anywhere in the world, you’re sure to find modern pearl earrings and necklaces to complete your look. From warm whites to champagne golds, we’ve pearl colours to suit all skin tones.

Colourful pearls

If traditional white pearls feel a bit too formal for your wardrobe, why not try colourful pearls? From stormy black pearl earrings to delicate pink pearl pendants, there’s a shade to complement every preference. Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of influential singer Billie Eilish and opt for a modern pearl necklace that combines classic pearls with colourful beading for a vibrant, youthful look. In need of inspiration? Browse our multi-coloured pearl necklace collection to find styles that incorporate semi-precious stones like tourmaline, amber, aquamarine and cornelian.

Discover modern pearl necklaces and earrings at Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whatever the occasion, whichever style you prefer and whatever budget you’re working with, Coleman Douglas Pearls is here when you’re ready to try contemporary pearl jewellery. We have a vast array of modern pearl earrings and necklaces to browse online. Or, if you’d like a truly unique piece, our bespoke design service enables you to create a custom modern pearl necklace alongside our pearl experts.

Looking for tailored advice? We also offer 1:1 consultations at our London studio to help you select the most flattering design for your height, complexion, hair colour and more. This service is ideal if you have a special event coming up, a particular outfit that you’re looking to complement, or even if you’ve just never worn pearls before. Either way, you’ll leave feeling much more confident in your choice of jewellery.


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