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Noir Chic: How to Style Black Pearl Jewellery

  • 4 min read

Noir Chic: How to Style Black Pearl Jewellery

Black pearls are known as the stormy temptresses of the sea. A gemstone whose origins are intertwined with myth & mysterious sea depths and freshwater riverbeds. In the past, we believed that white pearls were angel tears, so natural black pearls (which were even rarer) must have blown people’s minds.

The cultured black pearls that we see today are cultivated in black-lipped oysters that only produce a limited number of pearls per lifetime. As a stark contrast to the classic white pearl, black pearl jewellery adds sophistication, elegance and a bit of daring to any outfit.

Whether you’re looking to enhance an everyday look or choose a standout design to complement your evening wear, styling black pearl jewellery can help to elevate your look.

What are black pearls?

Tahitian pearls are the only naturally occurring black pearls and are prized for their rarity and lustre. Ranging from light grey tones to peacock green and aubergine purple tones, Tahitian pearl jewellery is glamourous, luxurious, and unique.

Black freshwater pearls can also be found, but these are artificially coloured and are therefore less prized than Tahitian pearls.

How to style black pearl jewellery

Casual wear

Mixed materials

Black pearl jewellery adds allure to an outfit – but it can also have an edge. Leather and black pearl jewellery blends the very best of bohemian style with a refined chic.

Our hand-woven and limited edition black Tahitian pearl black leather ‘warrior’ armband acts as your own personal armour. Wear solo or with matching statement black Tahitian pearl warrior earrings for a punchy aesthetic.

Alternatively, our black Tahitian pearl and amber ‘warrior’ necklace blends copper and tan leather with amber spheres and Tahitian pearls to emulate nature’s most grounding tones.

Stack your bracelets

Layer black pearl bracelets to achieve an of-the-moment look.

When stacking your bracelets, decide whether you’re combining multiple single strand designs or choosing a few key multistrand pieces. Our black seed and freshwater pearl bracelet would blend well with our black freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet for a more minimalist take on the bracelet stacking trend.

Alternatively, lean into the mix-and-match aesthetic by wearing the same design in different colours. Our grey-black freshwater pearl and green silk bracelet would look beautiful alongside our grey-black freshwater pearl and blue silk bracelet. You could also celebrate copper tones by combining our black-copper freshwater pearl black silk bracelet with the black-copper freshwater pearl and copper silk bracelet.

Layer necklaces

Wearing multiple black pearl necklaces of different lengths adds depth to an everyday ensemble, and looks stylish yet sleek over a simple t-shirt.

Our black freshwater pearl and leather ‘Parisian’ choker transitions from day to night with ease. Layer with a black pearl pendant like our black freshwater pearl ‘back to basics’ design or black-copper freshwater pearl and copper silk necklace for a visually appealing combination.

Business and professional attire

Keep it understated

Choose a black pearl ring with a matching jewellery design for an understated and sophisticated black pearl jewellery pairing.

Our black Tahitian pearl and tourmaline gold ring complements our black Tahitian pearl, green tsavorite and diamond gold-plated pendant. Flanked by two diamonds and forest green tsavorite, this design is inspired by the colours and shapes of fireflies, acting as a joyful memory of pleasant summer evenings.

If gold isn’t your colour, pair our black Tahitian pearl and amethyst white-gold ring with matching black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond and amethyst earrings. For a cohesive combination, you could also wear our black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond pendant, too.

It’s in the details

Why not wear a black pearl tie pin with black pearl cufflinks for the perfect finishing touch of a smart suit?

Our black freshwater pearl raw cufflinks are distinctive enough to be worn solo, or our black freshwater pearl cufflinks are a more classic take. Pair with our black biwa pearl tie pin to complete the look.

Elegant earrings

Black pearl earrings make fantastic options for the workplace, adding flair to an outfit without being overwhelming.

Black pearl studs make for a clean, sleek aesthetic. Wear our black Tahitian pearl gold studs or black freshwater pearl ‘cuff’ earrings for a contemporary take.

Elongate your neck and with pearl drop earrings. The classic monochrome of our white South Sea, black Tahitian pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ drop earrings are a glamourous option, whilst our Tahitian pearl and diamond huggies are versatile enough to take you from day to night.

Choose a more colourful design with our black freshwater pearl and aquamarine ‘twinkling light’ earrings or black freshwater pearl, amethyst and rock crystal drop earrings.

Evening and formal wear

Make a statement

There’s no better time to embrace the drama of black pearl jewellery than with eveningwear.

A one-of-a-kind design like our black freshwater pearl cuff bracelet or black Tahitian pearl and rock crystal cuff is guaranteed to turn heads. Send a secret message to your special someone with our black freshwater pearl ‘Morse Code’ bracelet, which spells out ‘I love you’ in Morse Code.

Wear our black Tahitian pearl and diamond accent ‘Tsarina’ earrings with our South Sea, Tahitian pearl and black diamond drop necklace for an embellished pairing.

Pair a pendant with an updo

Combine a black pearl pendant with a high bun or chignon for evening drama.

Bring the glamour of The Great Gatsby to your night out with our black-grey Tahitian pearl and emerald-green tourmaline ‘Gatsby’ pendant or black Tahitian pearl and amethyst ‘Gatsby’ pendant. Wear either design alone or with our black Tahitian pearl gold drop earrings.

Alternatively, pair our black Tahitian pearl, pink tourmaline and diamond gold ‘happy’ pendant with our eighteen-carat gold plated ‘branch’ ring, both of which take influence from the vivid colours of tropical coral reefs.

Embrace colour

Offset the colour of your formal or evening wear with a black pearl necklace that blends these evocative gems with other jewels.

Our Tahitian pearl and garnet ‘melograno’ teardrops necklace and Tahitian pearl and pink tourmaline ‘melograno’ multi-strand necklace evokes the luscious ruby-red of pomegranate seeds.

You’ll also turn heads by draping our award-winning black freshwater pearl and amber lariat down the back of an open gown.

Create bespoke black pearl jewellery

Design your own black pearl jewellery with Coleman Douglas Pearls.

We’ll bring our expertise to your ideas, helping you craft a totally unique black pearl jewellery design that allows you to invest with confidence.


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