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10 Ways to Style a Long Pearl Necklace

  • 4 min read

10 Ways to Style a Long Pearl Necklace

If you’re in need of a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn in a multitude of ways, a long pearl necklace could be the perfect choice. But how exactly can you wear them, and which styles are best for everyday compared to the evening? Read on as we cover 10 different ways to wrap a long pearl necklace depending on the look you’re going for.

How to wrap a long pearl necklace for different occasions

1. Single wrap

The simplest way to wrap a long freshwater pearl necklace is to loop it once around your neck and let it drape freely. This style works best with slightly shorter designs and can be dressed up or down to suit the style you are going for. Sleek chain pearl necklaces work well for every day, as do our tactile silk designs which add a pop of colour to simple outfits.

2. Doubled

Alternatively, you could loop your pearl necklace twice to create a thicker multistrand effect. For a classic look that is work appropriate, make both strands an equal length and pair with a button down blouse. Or for a more casual, retro take on pearls, adjust the strands so that one is wrapped tightly like a choker while the other hangs loose.

3. Multiple wraps to create a choker

With longer rope-style necklaces, you can wrap them multiple times to create an eye-catching stacked choker effect for special events like weddings and black tie dinners. In some cases, you may need to undo the clasp, wrap the pearl strand several times and then refasten it. This will reduce the risk of you stretching or snapping the thread. The Parisian choker effect is excellent at elongating your neck, an unusual look that will make you look elegant and certainly grab peoples attention.

4. T-Drop

The best way to describe this style is the classic loop you would make to secure a scarf. Simply fold your long pearl necklace in half, wrap it around your neck and thread one end through the loop at the other end to secure. The looser you wear it, the more casual the look. For formal occasions, wear it tightly around your neck or even turn the cascade of pearls slightly off centre for a glamorous finish.

5. Twisted

Another fun way to style a long pearl necklace is to fold it in half, hold each end on either hand and twist the strands together. Next, wrap the chunky, intertwined design around your neck and secure by opening the clasp, threading one strand through the opposite loop and refastening. You can also use a ribbon to secure the necklace in place if you like. The finished style will sit along your collarbones and is ideal for formal occasions.

Alternative ways to style long pearl necklaces

6. Knotted

For a youthful look inspired by 1920s flappers, why not try a knotted style? Simply wrap around once and then tie your long pearl necklace in a knot about halfway down. Another option is to wrap your necklace twice and create a tiered effect with one strand acting as a choker (as described earlier) and the longer strand knotted half way down. Simple yet sophisticated, this style is highly versatile and it looks great with V-necks.

7. Layered

In keeping with the contemporary theme, wearing several layers of pearl necklaces is right on trend this year. Create a bohemian-inspired look with multiple long pearl necklaces in various shades and materials to give depth to casual outfits. The dark stormy tones of Tahitian pearls and grey pearl necklaces are also great for adding an edgy feel. Whereas South Sea pearls in creamy gold hues create a more classic, timeless look. You can even mix different lengths by pairing short pearl chokers with longer styles for contrast.

8. Embellished

Looking for new ways to style a simple strand of pearls? How about adding a brooch, or even a colourful ribbon to change up the look to match your outfit? Similarly, if classic pearls don’t fit your style, opt for an embellished pearl necklace with vibrant gemstones like amber and citrine for a more modern, laidback feel.

9. Worn as a belt or bracelet

A little style secret we are sharing with you is using your long pearl lariat strands tied around your waist or hips as a belt. Perfect for parties, this adds the finishing touch to a sultry little black dress by drawing attention to the movement of your hips, as you swish your dress, with a tiny touch of subtle, sultry sparkle.

Or, if you prefer chunky stacked bracelets, create a punchy effect by wrapping your long pearl necklace multiple times around your wrist. This looks very modern and bold, with darker pearl hues, and classic but punchy with lighter pearl tones.

10. Draped down your back

Another eye-catching way to wear a pearl lariat necklace is to drape it down your back with a backless gown. It can be tied loosely in place or even knotted as above. Alternatively, you may prefer to wrap it around your neck once and cross the strands so that half of the pearls are draped at the front and half hang at the back. Whichever style you choose, long pearl necklaces worn this way are the epitome of glamour and sophistication at evening events. So, if you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, this look will really make you shine.

Find the perfect long pearl necklace at Coleman Douglas Pearls

If the ideas above have sparked inspiration and you’re ready to find a brand new pearl necklace, you’re in the right place. At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we offer a range of different long pearls necklaces to suit your style.

From classic single strand white pearl necklaces to sweeping multistrand lariats in bold hues and pink pearl necklaces on contemporary silver chains, we’ve something for everyone in our varied collection.

Browse the full range online or book a private consultation at our London studio, and let us help you find the perfect shade and style for you. You can also reach us via email at if you have any questions about our long pearl necklace designs.

Image Credit:

Photographer / Art & Casting Director: Anna Pluskota
Wardrobe Stylist: Hélène Sivilia
Model: Patty from J'adore Models
Published at Rebel Magazine


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