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Not Just Girly: Pink Pearl Jewellery Trends You’ll Love

  • 4 min read

Not Just Girly: Pink Pearl Jewellery Trends You’ll Love

Most people associate pink with femineity and girliness. However, pink can be one of the most flattering colours in pearls. As divisive as it is delightful, pink uplifts your complexion beautifully. From warm rose tones to pretty pastels and peaches, pink pearl jewellery can add refinement, and softness to any outfit. As Audrey Hepburn supposedly once stated, “I believe in pink.”

Symbolising kindness, compassion, love, and generosity, pink pearls are exquisite gemstones that work for every aesthetic.  

Whether you’re looking for a modern twist on the classic white pearl necklace, an alluring set of pink pearl earrings for an important evening event, or a present of pink pearls for a close friend, pink pearls suit all occasions. See below our top pink pearl jewellery trends.

How to style your pink pearl jewellery – five ideas

Classic, timeless elegance

Pearls may be having a moment in the spotlight, but they’re much more than modish.

When you think of classic pearls, an image of a white single or multistrand pearl necklace probably comes to mind. Embrace a modern twist on tradition by choosing a classic pink pearl necklace instead.

A design like our pink freshwater pearl large single strand necklace or pink freshwater pearl mixed size three-strand necklace puts a more contemporary spin on a classic. The vintage glamour of the first pearl strand affords a sophisticated but sleek option for everyday wear, whilst the delicate layering of differently sized pearls in the multistrand design is particularly distinctive.

If pink pearl necklaces aren’t your thing, pink pearl earrings make for a classic alternative. Our pink freshwater pearl and silver studs or pink biwa pearl ‘classic’ studs make an ideal pair.

Choose pink pearl drop earrings if you’re looking to elongate your neck and add dimension to your outfit. Our pink freshwater pearl ‘M&M’ drop earrings evoke relaxed glamour, while our pink freshwater pearl, Citrine and rose quartz drop earrings are inspired by abstract modern art.

Keep it simple by wearing a design like our pink freshwater pearl ‘it’s a long story’ drop earrings with a pink pearl ring.   A design like our pink freshwater pearl and sculpted silver ring has an elegant architectural look. For a distinctive item, our silver ‘branch’ ring with sapphires takes inspiration from vivid coral reefs near Cuba and gently wraps around your finger.

Go bespoke

Couple our expertise with your unique design ideas and style to design bespoke pink pearl jewellery.

We’ll start the process with a consultation at our London atelier. We’ll bring our comprehensive knowledge of pearls to ensure you create a design that complements your colouring, features, and personality.

Alternatively, we also offer an engraving service for both our designs and non-Coleman Douglas Pearl pieces. Engrave either your initials or those of a loved one onto your existing pink pearl jewellery to make a one-of-a-kind design.

As pearl experts since 1989, we allow you to invest in confidence and create a piece that tells your story.

Modern designs and contemporary flair

Just because you’re choosing a colour that’s associated with femininity, doesn’t mean that your pink pearls need to be girly. A pink biwa pearl tie pin nicely offsets a crisp black suit, particularly when worn with pink and grey freshwater pearl ‘figure of eight’ cufflinks. Combine a pink pearl design with our leather pearl jewellery to add a tough edge to the delicate gems.

Mix and match your pink pearls with other colours by wearing a pink pearl bracelet design like our grey and pink baroque freshwater pearl double strand bracelet. A design like our limited edition biwa pearl triple strand necklace has strands of pink, black, and pink pearls layered over one another to create a dramatic effect that easily transitions from day to night.

Bracelet stacking continues to be a popular trend – and with summer coming, there’s no better time to start layering your wristwear. Wear a design like our pink biwa pearl single strand ‘classic’ bracelet with our pink seed and freshwater pearl bracelet for a rosy take on the look.

Alternatively, mix and match a bracelet like our light multi-coloured pearl and semi-precious stone ‘abstract’ bracelet with its complement, the dark multi-coloured pearl and semi-precious stone ‘abstract’ bracelet. Inspired by the art of Picasso and Frida Kahlo, the abstract textures and warm colours will beautifully offset each other.

Embrace maximalism

For a bold way to wear contemporary pink and grey pearls, choose a design like our pink and grey freshwater pearls, raw amber ‘honey drop’ tassel necklace. Wear alone or with other items from our ‘warrior’ collection to fortify yourself with personal armour.

An award-winning design, our pink freshwater pearl lariat drapes beautifully over an open back gown or worn knotted over a jumper.

Make it match

For a matching set of pink freshwater pearl designs, combine our pink-black freshwater pearl and red silk bracelet and pink-black freshwater pearl and red silk necklace.

A simple pink pearl pendant would also work well with either our pink freshwater pearl chain bracelet or pink biwa pearl and silver chain bracelet.

For pink pearl necklace and earring sets, choose a design like our pink freshwater pearl, rose quartz, amethyst and garnet necklace worn with the matching pink freshwater pearl, rose quartz, amethyst and garnet five strand bracelet.

You could also combine our pink freshwater pearl and sculpted silver earrings with our pink freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant.

Our three-tone freshwater pearl long chain necklace complements either our pink and grey biwa pearl drop earrings or pink and grey freshwater pearl long double drop earrings, too.

Personalise your pink pearl jewellery

Book in a personal consultation with Coleman Douglas Pearls to find a pink pearl design that lights up your face and enhances your natural beauty.

Feel beautifully confident in pearls that are perfectly matched to your complexion and features with a selection of pink pearls curated by our head designer Chrissie.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

A tailored online or in-person consultation ensures your pearls match your style and budget perfectly.