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  • 2 min read


Did you know that pearls enhance and compliment your natural beauty? In the third blog of a mini-series we examine the importance of lustre & we reveal the trade secrets that detail which pearls compliment beautifully dark skin.


The Importance of Lustre - “Lustre, a gentle sheen or soft glow that emanates from a pearl.” 

When matching the perfect pearl to suit your complexion overtone coloursare key. For example:

  • A lustrous white Akoya pearl with strongcream or gold overtones will suit skin that tans well; whereas
  • A white Akoya pearl with stronggreen overtones will suit far-eastern skin; whereas
  • A white Akoya with frostypink overtones will turn heads for snow white complexions.

This very slight change in overtone makes all the difference. However, it is a little known fact that only when a pearl is lustrous will it exude this huge range of overtone colours. If a pearl lacks lustre, it will look dull and chalk-like. Lustre is key, so keep your pearls lustrous by following our simple guide (here). 


Pearls & Dark Coloured Skin

As we just learnt, overtone colours are crucial to finding your perfect pearl. Therefore, for rich dark skin, we would recommend strong warm overtone colours, like gold and peacock-green. These strong overtones will beautifully complement and enhance your natural beauty. Specifically for: 

  • Akoya pearls, we would suggest warm cream pearls with strong green overtones; for
  • South Sea pearls, we would suggest gold pearls & strong white pearls with gold overtones; and 
  • Tahitian pearls, we would suggest rich colours like deep greens, peacock-green or purple. 


Feel beautifully confident with perfectly matched pearls! Book a personal colour matching consultation with our pearl expert to enjoy a deeply unique experience. Whilst our studio is temporarily closed we can easily match your perfect pearl colour via video-conference, phone call or by emailing a photograph over. For more information contact our team via or call 0207 373 3369. 


In addition, learn which pearls suit light skin that tans well (click here) & light skin that doesnot tan well (click here).

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