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  • 2 min read


Did you know that pearls enhance and compliment your natural beauty? 

In the first blog of a mini-series we examine which pearls suit:

  • Light skin tones that tanmoderately well (a gradual, honey-coloured tan); and
  • Light skin tones that tan well (a dark olive glow) 

Pearls & Light to Honey Coloured Skin

If you have a light complexion and turn a honey colour in the sun, we would suggest the following pearls…The creamy overtones within the South Sea pearl range are perfect, anything from a pale warm white to a creamier pale golden white. Freshwater pearlsalso work very well, in particular the pink, grey, copper and black colours. If you are mixing pearls, a pale pallet would be very complimentary, think pale grey and pink, or white pearls with luscious pink overtones.

To note, it is important to consider your eye colour as well as your skin tone when choosing the perfect pearl. For those with light skin and blue eyes we would suggest warm white and peachy Akoya pearls; or green and aubergine coloured Tahitian pearls - colours that will both enhance your skin tone and make your eyes sparkle.

Pearls & Light to Dark Olive Coloured Skin

If you have a light complexion but you tan very well in the sun (you go a dark olive colour), we would suggest the following pearls...South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater pearls in strong pinks, black, greens and aubergine. The deeper & warmer colour palettes are perfect. We would advise against pearls that are overly white and too “cold”, awarm white or a palegold pearl is preferred.

We can always re-work your existing designs to ensure they compliment your colouring. For example, we took a cold-grey Tahitian pearl necklace and re-strung the pearls on a warm copper silk and added dark honey tourmalines to make the necklace “warmer” - complimenting the wearer's complexion perfectly.

In conclusion

These lighter-complexions are perhaps the easiest to accessorise as you can choose from a vast array of pearl colours. Of course, care and attention must be paid so we recommend booking a personal colour matching consultation with our pearl expert to enjoy an exciting and deeply unique experience.

Next week, we will continue our colour matching series by examining which pearls best suit those with fair complexions thatdo not tan well.

For more information and to book your personal colour matching consultation at our London studio, contact our team via or call 0207 373 3369.


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