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16 Pearl Jewellery Designs for Bridesmaids

  • 4 min read

16 Pearl Jewellery Designs for Bridesmaids

When it comes to pearl wedding jewellery, there are so many designs to choose from. Does the timeless elegance of our white freshwater pearl double strand ‘classic’ pearl necklace suit your wedding aesthetic? Or perhaps you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind design like our biwa pearl and diamond ‘abstract’ pin? Either way, we have stunning designs for every bride.

However, pearls aren’t exclusively reserved for brides on their special day. In fact, pairing a pearl bridal design with coordinating bridesmaid jewellery can create a cohesive look. What’s more, by choosing pearl jewellery for bridesmaids, you’ll add an extra glow to each bridesmaid’s complexion – perfect for enhancing wedding day photography!

Whether you’re after bridesmaid earrings or bridesmaid necklaces, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose.

Choosing bridesmaid jewellery – what to consider

Before deciding on the pearl bridesmaid jewellery that’s right for you, it’s worth taking stock of the kind of design that’s most appropriate. After all, every wedding has a different aesthetic and colour scheme, and each bride has her own vision.


When choosing bridesmaid jewellery, it’s sensible to go for a colour that will work best across a range of different complexions, features and styles.

Different pearl colours complement different skin tones. That said, choosing designs with white, pink or grey pearls for your bridesmaid jewellery will help to ensure that every member of the wedding party wears a flattering design.

A freshwater pearl pendant like our white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant suits skin tones ranging from olive to pale. It also pairs beautifully with matching pearl earrings like our white freshwater pearl and silver studs.

The achromatic qualities of a grey pearl pendant like our grey freshwater short pendant design will blend with most bridesmaid dresses. Meanwhile, the warm glow of pink pearl necklaces exude romance and femininity.

Type of jewellery

What kind of bridesmaid jewellery most suits your vision and aesthetic? Is the understated sleekness of a bridesmaid pearl bracelet your ideal design? Or are bridesmaid earrings the best way of adding easy glamour to any look?

A pearl chain bracelet like our pink freshwater pearl ‘simple’ bracelet adds breezy grace to bridesmaid dresses, and can be worn solo or with a matching pink freshwater pearl short pendant.

Alternatively, the lustrous warmth of our white freshwater pearl mini silver drop earrings add refinement to a look. They are also classic enough to be worn from the first minutes of the ceremony through to the last dance, without looking out of place.

Pair pearl jewellery for bridesmaids with matching pearl accessories for the groomsmen. Our white freshwater pearl cufflinks add distinction and offset bridesmaid jewellery designs like our white freshwater pearl ‘back to basics’ simple silver pendant.

16 bridesmaid jewellery designs

Bridesmaid necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a classic for a reason. Sophisticated and sleek, our pink freshwater pearl and silver chain necklace will illuminate each bridesmaid’s unique features, helping her to feel at her best throughout the day. For a maximalist effect, pair with matching pink freshwater pearl and silver studs or our matching pink biwa pearl and silver chain bracelet.

Alternatively, pearl pendants are a go-to bridesmaid jewellery design. Our grey freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant, for example, is an incredibly versatile piece. As such, each bridesmaid can wear the design beyond the wedding itself, conjuring happy memories of time spent celebrating a loved couple.

Don’t forget when choosing your design to take the neckline of your bridesmaids’ dresses into account. You can read our handy guide to the best pearl necklace lengths for different outfits and frames on our blog. And we’ve also got advice on how to choose between a short and long pearl pendant if you’re struggling to decide.

Bridesmaid earrings

Earrings are another staple when it comes to pearl bridesmaid jewellery. Choose a design that puts a contemporary twist on classic silhouettes. For instance, our white freshwater pearl ‘cuff’ earring jackets or white freshwater pearl ‘cuff’ earrings.

If simplicity is more your style, it’s hard to go wrong with pearl stud earrings. Our white freshwater pearl mini silver studs are tried-and-tested jewellery for bridesmaids. Diversify your colour scheme with a set of pink freshwater pearl and silver studs or grey biwa pearl ‘classic’ studs.

Pearl drop earrings add an extra layer of elegance to any bridesmaid’s look. Our pink freshwater pearl ‘it’s a long story’ drop earrings are both eye-catching and elongate the wearer’s neck. Meanwhile, our white seed freshwater pearl ‘build your own’ drop earrings bring a sense of playfulness to any dress.

We’ve also got advice on choosing pearl bridal earrings, too.

Bridesmaid bracelets

When choosing bridesmaid jewellery, necklaces, pendants and earrings are classic options, but a bridesmaid pearl bracelet adds just as much sophistication.

Freshwater pearls are ideal for pearl bridesmaid jewellery, coming in a range of colours at cost-effective prices. A design like our white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet can be worn again and again. Alternatively, our head-threaded pink seed and freshwater pearl bracelet offers a pop of colour to highlight the wearer’s wrist.

Double-up a design like our white seed and freshwater pearl bracelet with a simpler white seed pearl bracelet. Or mix-and-match designs by pairing with a pink biwa pearl single strand ‘classic’ bracelet for a youthful clash of colour schemes.

Design unique bridesmaid jewellery

If you’re after bespoke designs for your bridesmaid jewellery, Coleman Douglas Pearls can help. Book a personal consultation and let us help you design customised pearl jewellery for your bridesmaids. Bring along each member of the bridal party and we’ll curate designs with perfectly matched pearls to make sure that everyone feels beautifully confident on the big day.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

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