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Trending Bridal Jewellery for Summer 2023

  • 4 min read

Trending Bridal Jewellery for Summer 2023

If this year’s Met Gala proved anything, it’s the timelessness of pearls. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Serena Williams paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel by wearing pearl-adorned outfits and exquisite pearl jewellery.

Whilst attending the Met Gala might not be our usual Saturday night activity, the enduring elegance of pearl bridal jewellery can bring a touch of celebrity-approved glamour to your wedding day.

We’ve put together the top bridal jewellery trends for 2023 to help you choose a design that will both make you feel beautifully confident and allow you to invest with confidence.

8 bridal pearl jewellery trends for 2023

Heirloom designs

When it comes to pearl bridal jewellery, a classic design like our white freshwater pearl double strand ‘classic’ pearl necklace is enduringly elegant. Wear as a standalone item or pair with our white freshwater pearl double strand ‘classic’ pearl bracelet for a complete look.

A top trend for bridal jewellery in 2023 involves the reworking of stones or gems from sentimental family designs into a unique wedding piece. If you have an heirloom design that you want reworked for your special day, we offer a bespoke pearl jewellery service to help you create a design that’s personalised to you.


Sometimes, less is more. Sticking to sleek, understated designs can ensure that your bridal jewellery doesn’t overwhelm your wedding outfit. Pearl pendants offer a chic touch to any wedding dress, and work beautifully with a V-neck or sweetheart collar, as well as helping to elongate the neck.

Effortless designs like our white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant pair well with our white freshwater pearl ‘build your own’ long drop earrings or a simple set of white freshwater pearl and silver studs.

Brides with a minimal but contemporary aesthetic might find baroque pearl jewellery more to their taste. A baroque pearl necklace such as this white baroque freshwater pearl silver chain necklace brings a lustrous yet minimalistic touch to bridal attire.

Extravagant chokers

On the other side of the design spectrum, bold pearl choker necklaces are squarely in vogue in trending bridal jewellery for 2023.

The opulence of our white freshwater pearl ‘Atlantis’ choker or white freshwater pearl ‘oval centrepiece’ choker will turn heads. Wear alone or pair with our white freshwater pearl cuff bracelet for maximum impact.

Statement cuffs

Pearl cuff bracelets also feature in this year’s wedding jewellery trends. Our black freshwater pearl ‘morse code’ bracelet secretly spells out ‘I love you’, playfully allowing brides to have a treasured message on their wedding day. They can also be worn with a matching black and white freshwater pearl ‘morse code’ lariat for a cohesive look.

If you are looking for a little drama, a Tahitian pearl jewellery cuff with undertones of peacock, emerald, and aubergine is a striking look; or emulate the strength of warriors by wearing our limited-edition black Tahitian pearl and rock crystal cuff or black Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ armband on your big day.

Coloured gemstones

White may be the classic colour for pearl jewellery, but trending wedding jewellery for 2023 includes coloured gemstones which add a unique touch to any bridal look.

Inky Tahitian pearl designs offset white wedding dresses to great effect. Our award-winning black baroque Tahitian pearl ‘happy’ necklace offers an alternative to white wedding pearls. The unique design incorporates the vivid colours of Mexican coral reefs for an interesting contrast – perfect for a beach wedding.

Pink pearl earrings can highlight warm tones in a wedding dress, lighting up the wearer’s face with a subtle warmth that emulates that ‘golden light’ glow. Pair with a pink pearl bracelet and pink pearl pendant for a subtly feminine bridal shade.

Shoulder duster earrings

Long drop pearl earrings rank high on this season’s bridal jewellery trends. Pearl drop earrings are endlessly versatile, complementing and offsetting a range of different aesthetics.

Make your earrings the centrepiece with a design like our white freshwater pearl, rock crystal and rainbow moonstone drop earrings. Inspired by Picasso and Frida Kahlo, the additional coloured gemstones add a pop of colour. Or build your own design with our customisable white seed freshwater pearl drop earrings, where you can swap the colour of the pearls around for a one-of-a-kind look.

For the men

Men’s pearls are also having a moment in this year’s trending wedding jewellery. Match a bridal piece with a complementary design for the groom.

Designs like our blue Tahitian pearl, diamond, and moonstone earrings are ornately radiant for brides, and can be paired with the matching blue Tahitian pearl, diamond and moonstone tie pin for the groom. Alternatively, our white biwa pearl 3 strand ‘classic’ necklace can be reflected in the groom’s white biwa pearl tie pin, or a set of white pearl cufflinks.


Celebrate your wedding in style by choosing a standout bridal jewellery design. Brides embracing opulent yet elegant designs can wear our white South Sea pearl and moonstone pendant and matching white South Sea pearl drop earrings for a cohesive look.

Meanwhile, lovers of luxury can opt for South Sea pearl earrings like our white South Sea pearl and diamond ‘tsarina – olive leaf’ earrings and matching necklace. Fuse the elegance and extravagance of queens of the past. The emblematic olive leaf of these designs also offers a symbol of peace and prosperity for your marriage.

Design your own pearl bridal jewellery

Browse our full range of bridal pearl jewellery online or create a custom pearl bridal jewellery design that incorporates your favourite trending wedding jewellery for 2023. During our one-to-one consultations, our expert team will bring over thirty years of expertise and industry knowledge to the discussion, helping you design a unique item of pearl jewellery for your special day.


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