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What Goes with Silver Pearl Jewellery? 5 Styling Tips

  • 4 min read

What Goes with Silver Pearl Jewellery? 5 Styling Tips

Silver is one of the most popular jewellery metals – and with good reason. It’s both durable and hard-wearing, and resists oxidation well. It’s also more widely abundant than alternatives like gold, which means it’s less expensive.

Silver also has a distinct lustre and tone that complements most colourways and tones. This is ideal if you’re trying to build out a jewellery collection that will go with an array of items in your wardrobe.

Keep reading to find out how to style silver pearl jewellery in multiple ways.                 

What goes with silver pearl jewellery?

Given its grey undertones, silver pearl jewellery is a highly versatile choice for adorning any number of outfits. It can be paired with a variety of shades, from neutrals like beige, cream and grey through to pastel pinks, lavenders and blues.

And if you’re looking to wear silver jewellery with bold colours, this works too. But cool toned brights tend to work the best. With that said, there are some exceptions…

Can you wear silver and gold together?

In the past, cool silver and warm gold have been treated as juxtaposing shades to wear separately. But in reality, they work extremely well together, so there’s no need to limit yourself to purely silver pearl jewellery.

Wearing both at the same time is a great way to showcase your unique style, and you’ll also be on trend – mixed metals featured heavily on the autumn/winter 2023 runways.

For a modern take on the trend, stack gold pearl earrings like our white freshwater pearl and gold-plated design with white freshwater pearl silver hoops earrings.

Another great way to style gold and silver pearl jewellery is to feature the same colour gemstone across each piece. Our 3-tone freshwater pearl and long chain necklace allows you to choose from matching gold pearl earrings with white, grey or pink pearls for maximum versatility.

You can also find more tips for styling silver and gold pearl jewellery to complement your style and skin tone on our blog.

How to style silver pearl jewellery

Stack silver pearl necklaces and pendants

Who says a chunky silver pearl necklace can’t be paired with a delicate white pearl pendant? In fact, the contrasting designs will give any outfit a contemporary edge. Or, try styling a single strand pearl necklace like our white freshwater pearl and rock crystal choker with a tactile biwa pearl and silver chain necklace for added interest.

Or you could incorporate contrasting colours into your look with a copper freshwater pearl silver pendant. Likewise, our black freshwater pearl equivalent would work well.

For a more subtle take on the stacking trend, pair a freshwater pearl necklace such as our pink freshwater pearl and silver chain necklace with a sleek pink pearl pendant. The soft hue will complement a host of different outfits. You could also add a coordinating pink pearl chain bracelet to take it up a notch too.

Keep it sleek for work

If a minimalist aesthetic for the office is your forte, choose silver pearl jewellery that’s sleek and sophisticated.

For an understated work look, pair an elegant pearl chain bracelet like our white biwa pearl and silver chain bracelet with a matching white pearl pendant. Our black Tahitian pearl and silver pendant would also enhance a princess or matinee neckline.

Alternatively, offset a crisp white shirt with a set black freshwater pearl cufflinks. Then complete the look with a black freshwater pearl and sculpted silver ring.

You could even wear a pearl tie pin on your lapel. Our sterling silver black Tahitian pearl and thistle tie pin would look striking on its own or paired with black pearl earrings. Keep it classic with black freshwater pearl and silver studs. Or balance the darker tones with our black and white freshwater pearl mini silver drop earrings.

Opt for classic silver pearl earrings

Silver pearl earrings make an ideal addition to any jewellery box.

Wear silver pearl drop earrings with a messy low bun and open V-neck shirt for a simple yet stylish everyday look. Our white freshwater pearl double drop earrings emulate vintage glamour and look great with a white freshwater pearl silver pendant.

Alternatively, pair our grey freshwater pearl and silver studs with grey drop earrings – the long silver chain provides eye-catching movement and removable versatility.

For an on-trend look, consider our white baroque freshwater pearl drop earrings. Baroque pearl jewellery is having a real moment thanks to their abstract, one-of-a-kind nature. To create a matching set, choose our white baroque freshwater pearl pendant and matching ‘build your own’ white baroque pearl drop earrings.

Choose a statement bracelet

Embrace a maximalist aesthetic with big, bold silver pearl bracelet designs.

A pearl bracelet like our limited-edition Tahitian pearl and rock crystal cuff is designed to imbue you with the fortitude and resilience of warriors. Wear alone or with a silver-black Tahitian pearl necklace to really double down.

For an eye-catching pearl cuff bracelet to wear solo, choose a design like our white freshwater pearl ‘morse code’ bracelet. Made of white freshwater pearls and sterling silver, this clever design spells out ‘I love you’ in Morse code. If white pearls aren’t your colour, wear our black freshwater pearl ‘cuff’ bracelet as your personal armour.

Style by pearl type

There are many different types of pearl to choose from when you’re selecting the right silver pearl jewellery for you. Highly sought after, South Sea pearl jewellery is more likely to combine these lustrous gems with white-gold. Meanwhile, our white Mabe South Sea pearl stud earrings use sterling silver as an affordable alternative.

Tahitian pearl jewellery is equally luxurious, with our blue Tahitian pearl, diamond and moonstone pendant beautifully offsetting matching cluster earrings.

Meanwhile, for cost effective, robust and colourful silver pearl jewellery, browse our collection of freshwater pearls. They are perfect for everyday wear and come in a myriad of colours to suit your taste.

Design your own silver pearl jewellery

If you have a bespoke design in mind, book a personal consultation with us to discuss your ideas. Pearl experts since 1989, we can provide advice based on your complexion, eye colour, facial features and preferred aesthetic. That way, you can invest with confidence in stunning pearls tailored to your exact wants and needs.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

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