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Silver or Gold Pearl Jewellery?

  • 4 min read

Silver or Gold Pearl Jewellery?

It’s most important to find pearl jewellery that speaks to your character, complements your sense of style, and illuminates your natural beauty. That said, when choosing between silver or gold pearl jewellery, there are several factors that you may want to consider.

Here we will provide five tips to help you decide whether wearing gold or silver pearl jewellery is better for you. And if you’re still struggling to make a final decision, don’t forget that you can book a personal consultation too.

We will bring our thirty-plus years’ worth of experience to your appointment, helping you to design an item of jewellery that perfectly complements your unique features.

Silver or gold pearl jewellery – 5 styling tips

Match your jewellery to your skin tone

If you find yourself stuck between choosing between a pair of silver pearl earrings or a set of gold pearl earrings, take a step back and consider what skin tone you have.

You can work out your skin tone by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone, whereas greenish veins mean you have a warm skin tone. Or if you think your veins look somewhere in the middle, you may have a neutral skin tone.

Silver pearl jewellery looks particularly striking on cooler skin tones. If you’re on the paler side – and particularly if you have light hair – choose a silver pearl design like our white M&M freshwater pearl and silver necklace. Wear alone for a hint of laidback glamour, or pair with our matching white freshwater pearl M&M drop earring for a more complete look.

Meanwhile, gold jewellery looks particularly stunning on warmer skin tones. These range from lightly tanned and olive right through to darker ebony complexions. Choose a gold pearl chain necklace like this white freshwater pearl ‘back to basics’ simple gold plated pendant to bring out the undertones of your skin’s natural warmth.

Match your jewellery to your outfit

If choosing between silver or gold jewellery according to skin tone isn’t your thing, you can always choose the tone that best complements your clothing.

Generally, warm, earthy shades look best with gold jewellery, whereas silver jewellery adds a beautiful finishing touch to cooler toned outfits.

There are two ways that you can go about choosing between silver or gold jewellery. If your wardrobe is dominated by earthy neutrals or vivid shades with warm undertones, you’ll know that gold pearl jewellery is your best choice, as it will work with most of your clothing. A gold pearl ring can create add eye-catching appeal to everyday outfits. While more formal designs like our stunning white south sea and diamond ‘tsarina’ white curve earrings are ideal for special occasions.

Silver pearl jewellery will better illuminate clothing with cooler tones like grey, silver and blue. A silver pearl pendant necklace like the white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver’ pendant is a classic design that can be worn alone or paired with matching drop earrings. Meanwhile, if you’re seeking a design to enhance a cocktail dress, our white south sea pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ pendant offers timeless elegance.

Mix and match your jewellery

Gone are the days where it was considered in-vogue to wear only one jewellery colour. You can now mix and match silver and gold pearl jewellery to your heart’s content. Stack a silver pearl ring like the white freshwater pearl and silver ring with a matching gold design for a contemporary look.

Or if you have multiple piercings on one ear, pair silver pearl drop earrings with black freshwater pearl gold hoop earrings or simple set of pearl stud earrings for an attractively off-beat combination.

Choose according to the pearl colour

If you still can’t decide whether gold or silver pearl jewellery is best for you, why not base your choice on the colour of pearl? This way, you can avoid the stress of deciding between silver or gold metalwork, as the pearl will simply be set in the most complementary hue for its overtones.

Different pearl colours can work beautifully according to your skin tone. Pink pearls flatter and illuminate all skin tones, such that a design like our pink biwa pearl and silver chain bracelet would make an ideal way to add easy glamour to day-to-day looks. While a design like our Tahitian pearl and tourmaline gold ring works well with dark, tan, or olive complexions – but would also contrast well with pale complexions and dark to black hair.

Choose according to the design

Maybe it’s important to you to choose a pearl jewellery design according to the colour of the metal. However, it might also be that you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pearl accessory to add a distinctive twist to your outfit.

If the latter sounds like you, then you’re likely more interested in the design of the accessory rather than the metal itself. Our limited edition gold Tahitian pearl and citrine tie pin combines a rare pale-gold Tahitian pearl with a citrine gem and 18-carat gold, bringing delicate allure when paired with a sharp suit.

Or you could treat a special someone in your life to a set of sleek silver pearl cufflinks like our black freshwater pearl raw cufflinks for any eye-catching finish. Otherwise, our simple yet classic white freshwater pearl cufflinks are a firm favourite that will never go out of style.

Design your own silver or gold pearl jewellery

If you have a unique design in mind for your next piece of pearl jewellery, enquire now about our bespoke pearl jewellery. We’ll marry our expertise with your vision to create a one-of-a-kind item of pearl jewellery that’s individual to you.


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