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8 Exquisite Pearl Jewellery Sets for Valentine’s Day

  • 4 min read

8 Exquisite Pearl Jewellery Sets for Valentine’s Day

Looking for gift ideas for Valentine's Day? You’ve come to the right place.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we stock a range of classic and contemporary pearl jewellery sets to suit every taste. Whether you’re seeking a luxury South Sea pearl necklace and earring set for special occasions, or a freshwater combo for the every day, read on to find the perfect pearls for yourself or a loved one.

Pearl necklace and earring sets

1. Pink pearl pendant with long drop earrings

If you/your partner prefers delicate pieces over chunky jewellery, then a sleek pearl pendant necklace is a great option. Versatile and elegant, our rosy pink freshwater pearl pendant will add a subtle splash of colour to any outfit. Featuring a single pearl suspended from an intricate sterling silver chain, it works particularly well with pastel hues and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Pair with long pink pearl drop earrings to elevate the look for parties or opt for pearl studs during the day.

2. White baroque earrings with pearl chain necklace

Another design that minimalists will love is our baroque freshwater pearl chain. Pared back and effortlessly glamorous, this long sterling silver necklace can be worn with everything from a cashmere jumper to a little black dress. Complete the set with a matching pair of white baroque earrings, cleverly designed so that you can remove the baroque pearl drop to leave just the small stud, giving you options for different occasions. Baroque pearl necklaces are right on trend this season, so you can’t go wrong with this pearl necklace and earring set.

3. Tan leather choker with copper pearl studs

Searching for a modern alternative to the classic pearl strand? Our chic pearl choker necklaces combine raw leather and lustrous pearls to create unique designs that challenge the traditional ‘pearl necklace’ look. Perfect for trendsetters, our tan leather choker with golden copper pearls looks fun and contemporary. Style with copper freshwater pearl stud earrings to create a cohesive pearl jewellery set.

4. Black and white ‘morse code’ lariat with M&M drop earrings

If traditional white pearl necklaces aren’t your taste, how about one with a distinctive twist? Our multi-strand morse code pearl lariat incorporates black and white freshwater pearls of varying shapes and sizes, including peacock-toned coin pearls. In addition, there is a hidden message in the arrangement of the pearls that reads “I Love You” in morse code. Ideal for formal events, this award-winning pearl lariat necklace can be worn in a multitude of ways to fit your look. Pair with a set of M&M drop earrings to complete this romantic pearl necklace and earrings combo.

5. South Sea pearl and diamond earrings with floral pendant

South Sea pearls are some of the largest and most lustrous pearls in the world. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a luxury pearl jewellery set for your Valentine, South Sea pearl designs are undeniably exquisite. Set in 18ct white gold, our South Sea pearl and diamond drop earrings blend high glamour diamonds with subtler pearls. Wear with a white South Sea pearl and moonstone pendant to tap into two current trends – floral and oversized pearls – while adding a hint of colour to your outfit.

Need more inspiration? Explore some of this year’s top modern pearl necklace and earring trends

Pearl necklace and bracelet sets

6. Grey freshwater pearl necklace with Biwa pearl bracelet

Not sure which pearl colour to choose? A classic grey pearl necklace that goes with everything and suits all complexions is the perfect solution. Our grey seed and freshwater pearl necklace offers a touch of vintage glamour with a 21st century update thanks to its mix of different pearl sizes. There’s also a corresponding single strand Biwa pearl bracelet available to tie it all together for a unified finish. An extremely adaptable set, this pairing is even suitable for the office.

7. Grey-black pearl and green silk necklace and bracelet set

For a more laidback pearl necklace and bracelet set, how about a forest green silk pearl strand with a mix of grey and black freshwater pearls? This long, relaxed style black pearl necklace is great for layering over a casual tee or blouse to give it that little extra something. The colour is especially complementary for people with cool skin tones, offering a striking contrast when set against pale complexions. Pair with a matching freshwater pearl and green silk bracelet for a beachy look.

8. Black Tahitian pearl necklace with leather warrior bracelet

Edgy jewellery with a rock-chick feel, our unisex black pearl bracelets and Tahitian pearl necklaces are our personal favourites. In particular, a leather and black pearl necklace paired with a similarly styled Tahitian pearl warrior bracelet continues to be a popular pearl jewellery set, adding a touch of sultry glamour to any outfit. Trust us, you will get constantly complemented when you step out in this collection.

Pearl jewellery sets at Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whatever kind of pearl jewellery set your interested in this Valentine's Day, Coleman Douglas Pearls has it covered. Our extensive collection includes pearl necklaces and earrings, plus complementary pearl bracelets in all manner of styles, shapes and colours to match your budget.

To help narrow your search, study our pearl necklace lengths guide,opt for their favourite shade or seek guidance from our pearl experts. We can also create bespoke designs to your own specification or restring one of your partner’s favourite existing pieces to give it a new lease of life. The possibilities are endless!


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