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Jewellery for Work: How to Style Pearls for the Office

  • 4 min read

Jewellery for Work: How to Style Pearls for the Office

Choosing pearl jewellery for work doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. There are a number of key ways that you can establish whether a design is right for the office.

It is worth pointing out that a well-established London law firm strongly advises its employees to wear pearls as they convey trustworthiness to any outfit. In addition a household name department store in London made pearls part of their employees uniform.

The general advice for work jewellery is ‘less is more’ – if your look feels too busy, it probably is. However, there are ways of styling pearl jewellery that can bring out your unique character, giving a contemporary edge that remains professional.

It is worth pointing out that a well-established London law firm strongly advises its employees to wear pearls as they convey trustworthiness to any outfit. In addition a household name department store in London made pearls part of their employees uniform.

As such, this article will help you to choose a pearl jewellery design that you’ll wear to work time and again. From formal pearls to more relaxed options, let’s get started.

Work jewellery – one of two ways

Suitable jewellery for work will depend on the setting. Whilst some offices may have a more casual and carefree attitude to their employee dress code, others will demand sophisticated attire. With that in mind, here are two ways to wear pearls at work.

Formal work jewellery

A professional, polished outfit can be enhanced with a chic pearl jewellery design. Matching your necklace to your neckline is a great way of ensuring that your pearl jewellery complements your look. It’s typically best to steer clear of ‘showstopper’ designs in a more formal workplace.

Round- or scoop-neck clothing is beautifully offset by shorter necklaces like our white seed pearl ‘drop’ necklace. Meanwhile, turtlenecks can be enhanced with a longer necklace for work like our white M&M freshwater pearl and silver necklace.

A single strand pearl necklace like our white freshwater pearl medium single strand necklace is a classic for a reason. Layer up with a pearl pendant like our white freshwater pearl ‘back to basics’ simple silver pendant for a more contemporary spin, or style alone.

Alongside finding a work necklace, pearl rings and pearl earrings can add a splash of character to formal wear too. A pair of simple pearl stud earrings like our white freshwater pearl and silver studs bring sophistication to a look. Or you could up the ante with a matching white pearl drop pendant or lustrous set of pearl cufflinks.

You can also go beyond the standard pearl necklace for work by choosing a more unique, but still classic, pearl accessory. Pair a sleek suit with a pearl tie pin for a memorable look. Our blue Tahitian pearl, diamond and moonstone tie pin looks distinctive worn alone or with matching Tahitian pearl earrings.

Business casual work jewellery

For workplaces that don’t require formal wear, you have more freedom to play around with your jewellery for work.

A baroque pearl jewellery design is visually dynamic by nature, as each baroque pearl is entirely unique, with surface irregularities reflecting and refracting light for maximum luminosity.

Style a standout baroque pearl design like our biwa pearl and diamond ‘abstract’ pin with matching grey and white baroque freshwater pearl drop earrings to double down on a maximalist aesthetic.

Alternatively, take your necklace for work to the next level by embracing a multi-coloured design. Our cornelian necklace with freshwater pearl drop brings a fiery burst of colour to your neckline. Or you could opt for the glacial cool of our grey and black freshwater pearl and green silk necklace instead.

You could even bring the strength of Amazonian warriors to your work jewellery, too. Set yourself apart at your next big meeting by wearing our white freshwater pearl and tan leather warrior bracelet. Then add a matching grey Tahitian pearl and tan leather drop warrior necklace, and discover the confidence-boosting power of our jewellery.

What to consider when choosing pearl jewellery for work

Beyond the formality of your workplace, there are other factors that can impact your choice of work jewellery too.


Perhaps you’re looking for a few key pieces of work jewellery that will complement your entire wardrobe, rather than that one eye-catching design.

An understated pearl chain bracelet will add elegance to any look and enhance different items of clothing. The subtlety of our grey freshwater pearl simple chain bracelet pairs well with a grey pearl necklace or can be worn as a single adornment.

Equally, when it comes to choosing earrings for work that will work across your wardrobe, short pearl earring designs are best. Pearl cuff earrings can add a visual dynamism to any look, whilst pearl hook earrings like our white freshwater pearl 18ct gold hook earrings are endlessly versatile.


Choose pearl jewellery for work that complements your skin tone to feel at your most radiant and confident.

Those with darker complexions and skin tones suit richer, warm colours. Choose a pearl drop necklace like our pink freshwater pearl and amethyst drop necklace to offset your natural features. Pair with matching pink pearl earrings to catch the light and boost your skin’s radiance.

Fair complexions are offset well by cooler tones. Peacock-toned black and blue-grey Tahitian pearl jewellery illuminate fairer complexions. Choose a design like our black freshwater pearl and labradorite silver pendant worn with matching black Tahitian pearl gold studs for a stylish and cohesive look.

If you’re unsure about your complexion or skin tone, book a personal consultation with Coleman Douglas Pearls. We will colour match your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour, then select perfectly matched pearls to help you look and feel your best.

Design your own work jewellery

As pearl experts since 1989, Coleman Douglas Pearls allow you to invest with confidence. We will help you choose the ideal pearl shape and tone for your colouring, features and personality. We can also offer advice on different jewellery styles to suit the level of formality required in your workplace. From there, you can use our bespoke pearl jewellery service to build a design that ticks all the boxes.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

A tailored online or in-person consultation ensures your pearls match your style and budget perfectly.