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What to Wear with Pearls

  • 5 min read

What to Wear with Pearls

If you love pearls but aren’t sure how to coordinate them with your outfits, you’re in the right place. From what earrings to wear with your favourite pearl necklace to the jewellery styles most suited to particular occasions, this post covers all of the basics of what to wear with pearls, to help you find a look that suits your style.   

A brief note on choosing a pearl colour

Before we delve into our tips on how to style pearls in different situations, we thought we’d give you some advice on choosing a pearl colour. Of course, you can simply choose your favourite shade or one that matches your outfit, but we’ve some simple tricks we would love to share with you.

The first thing to note is that black and white pearls are highly versatile and go with everything, so if in doubt they’re a good place to start. You can also choose a pearl colour based on your skin tone. Cool skin tones work well with shades like pale grey, pale pink and cool white, while golden, copper and iridescent pearls suit darker skin tones.

For a bolder look, use the colour wheel to find a contrasting colour that will stand out against your outfit without clashing, or pair multi-coloured pearls with white clothing. You can also learn about each pearl colour’s symbolic meaning on our blog.

General rules for styling pearls

Not sure where to begin when it comes to styling pearls? Here are three simple rules to follow when deciding what to wear with pearls, regardless of the occasion.

1.    Busy clothing goes best with simple jewellery

Busy patterns, embellishments and heavy textures like ruffles, work best with unfussy jewellery. Otherwise, your pearls will be competing with your outfit rather than complementing it and things will look cluttered. In this case, we’d go with a simple pearl pendant or a short strand of pearls and a pair of pearl stud earrings.

2.    Balance out a bold necklace with dainty earrings (and vice versa)

If you opt for a multi-strand pearl necklace, we’d recommend balancing out the look with simple earrings such as pearl studs. This offers a more understated look and ensures your jewellery doesn’t overpower your outfit. The same goes for chunky bracelets and necklaces – pick one to be the focal point.

3.    Match your necklace to your neckline

When deciding what to wear with your pearl necklace, this is the best rule to follow. Remember – the higher the neckline, the longer the pearls. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it can help you find a style for your outfit. Here are some examples:

  • Strapless or strappy – multi-strand chokers
  • Round or scoop necks – short single or double strand pearls
  • V-necks– chokers or short pendants
  • Turtlenecks or boat necks – long pearl necklaces or sweeping chains
  • Halter tops – skip the necklace and try bold earrings and a bracelet

How to wear pearls for different occasions

Daytime smart-casual

When it comes to styling pearls for the daytime, it’s all about creating an effortless look with just a hint of sparkle. White, grey and soft pink pearls are perfect for this, particularly when set against a neutral backdrop.

Achieve a minimalistic look with a delicate pearl drop pendant, single pearl chain bracelet and a pair of pearl stud earrings. Pair them with dark jeans, a plain t-shirt and a casual blazer for a smart-casual feel.

Got a lunch date booked? Elevate your outfit with pearl drop earrings for a more powerful look.

Office wear

Ever wondered what to wear with pearls to the office? The secret is to keep it clean and simple, avoiding anything too elaborate and sparkly. White pearls with a black suit is a classic combination guaranteed to create a polished look. Alternatively, iridescent black pearls or creamy golden styles will look sleek and contemporary.

Pair a fitted blazer with a single strand pearl necklace, matching bracelet and pearl studs for an elegant, put-together look. Or, to really make a statement in the board room, swap the earrings for pearl hooks and add a silky blouse and stiletto heels.

Weekend fun

When the weekend comes around, how you style your pearls will depend on your own unique fashion. Create a boho look with geometric print dresses, layered pearl chain necklaces and pearl hoop earrings. Or for a beach-inspired look, pair neutral linens with jewellery that incorporates colourful gemstones with iridescent Biwa pearls.

Going out for the night? Channel your inner rock chick after dark, with a moody Tahitian pearl and leather necklace, black jeans, biker boots and a leather jacket. Complete the look with matching earrings or edgy gold hoops, and a leather bracelet.

Formal events and parties

Remember what we said about keeping things understated with simple jewellery? Well, black-tie dinners, red-carpet events and cocktail parties are your chance to go all out with your pearl jewellery and push the guidelines just a little!

Pair a striking pearl lariat with a little black dress and pearl cuff earrings, or a multi-strand choker with a full-length gown for an eye-catching look. Chandelier-style pearl drop earrings and warm gemstones are also popular at evening events, while pearl and diamond designs create an even more glamorous look.

If you do go with statement earrings, try a complementary pearl cuff bracelet or exquisite pearl ring instead of a necklace to avoid cluttering one area of the body.


As one of the most important days of your life, deciding how best to wear pearls on your wedding day might seem like a difficult decision. However, it’s more straightforward than you think. In essence, there are two ways you could go – simple and elegant or more elaborate, which will depend on your chosen dress and style preference.

Keep things simple with subtle pearl drop earrings and a delicate pearl pendant, to make a detailed dress the focus. Or pair an ornate multi-strand choker with a strapless dress and pearl studs for added drama. White pearls are the obvious choice you can also incorporate diamonds for extra sparkle.

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Find your perfect set of pearls

We hope this guide proves useful when coordinating your pearl jewellery for different outfits and occasions. We stock coordinating earrings and bracelets for most of our pearl necklaces, to make finding a matching set that much easier.

Still need help choosing the perfect pearls for you? Book a private consultation with one of our jewellery experts and let us help you find the best option for your event.


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