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8 Ways to Style White Pearls Without Looking Old-Fashioned

  • 4 min read

8 Ways to Style White Pearls Without Looking Old-Fashioned

‘Pearlcore’ continues to be a major fashion trend, with top designers like Simone Rocha and Chanel both featuring pearls on their Spring/Summer 2023 runways.

White pearl jewellery is having a real moment for both men and women, with celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Billie Eilish incorporating pearls into their looks both on and off the red carpet.

Yet many people are still unsure how to style pearls without looking old-fashioned – especially when it comes to traditional white pearls. If you’re one of them, this article will help you out. We’ve put together our top tips for choosing white pearls that will coordinate and complement a specific look. However, each design remains versatile enough to carry you through different events and occasions. Let’s get started!

How to style pearls without looking old-fashioned – 8 tips

1. In a suit combination

Coco Chanel continues to be remembered for her timeless pairings of white pearl jewellery and Chanel suits – and with good reason. As a fan of a white pearl necklace or two, Chanel had a panache for layering ropes of pearls over every day and evening looks. She was also a fan of combining multi-strand pearl necklaces like this white freshwater pearl five strand necklace with a tweed suit.

Whilst the pairing of a tweed skirt suit and multi-strand necklace might seem somewhat formal or outdated, you can transform this look with a few key updates. Choose a trouser suit and pair it with an opulent white pearl choker necklace like this multistrand freshwater pearl choker with collar for an androgynous yet glamorous look. The combination of a slouchy suit and embellished white pearl choker is guaranteed to turn heads – particularly if you wear only a blazer and no shirt.

2. As a single earring

Take inspiration from Harry Styles and wear only one white pearl earring. Choosing to don just one earring from a set adds visual dynamic to any look. This is especially true if you opt for a long earring, which can create an appealing asymmetrical finish.

Our white freshwater pearl long-drop gold plated earrings are the perfect design for a singular statement earring. If you have more than one piercing in your lobes, you could also pair it with a simple stud like our white biwa pearl ‘classic’ studs.

3. Combined with non-pearl jewellery

Pairing white pearls with non-pearl jewellery can update your look by adding a playful breeziness to an everyday outfit. A classic white pearl necklace like our single strand freshwater pearl large necklace will always look smart when paired with a crisp white shirt. But you can also take the look from your office desk to a weekend get-together. Just combine your white pearls with sleek gold chains or multi-coloured gemstones.

4. In your hair

To turn white pearl jewellery completely on its head, why not add an abstract design to a sophisticated up-do? Our biwa pearl and diamond ‘abstract’ pin can be securely fastened into a topknot or bun to add interest and bring a little extra something to an elegant hairstyle. Pair with matching white pearl earrings like our white baroque freshwater pearl drop earrings for double the impact.

5. Stack white pearl bracelets

Why stop at just one white pearl bracelet? Combining different pearl bracelet designs on one arm can help to create visual diversity by adding a pleasing variety of textures and sizes – particularly if combined with a gold or beaded bracelets.

Try stacking a simple white pearl seed bracelet with a corresponding design such as our hand-threaded white seed and freshwater pearl bracelet to create a deliberate look that conveys your idiosyncratic style. Or add contrast with a bolder design.

6. Choose an unusual design

A white pearl choker can do no wrong. Use it to dress up a suit for a special occasion or wear it with a pair of jeans for a touch of relaxed glamour.

A guaranteed strategy for styling white pearls in a way that doesn’t look old fashioned is by choosing an unusual design like our white freshwater pearl lariat. Versatile enough to be worn in a number of ways, this design typifies our founder Chrissie’s mix-and-match philosophy. Wear it draped over a backless dress for a formal event or party and count the number of compliments you receive.

7. Pair a pearl pendant with a pearl necklace

Wearing a delicate white pearl pendant in tandem with a weightier white pearl necklace combines a contemporary and classic aesthetic to great effect.

Choose a simple design like our white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant and layer over our white freshwater pearl small single strand necklace. The soft, silky lustre of each pearl will help to enhance your natural beauty by illuminating your skin’s glow.

8. Choose a youthful design

If you’re keen to find a white pearl jewellery design that you can roll out time and time again without having to think about how to style it, choose a youthful piece.

Mixing and matching white pearls and jewellery designs can be fun, but sometimes, you’re just after an item that you can throw on and feel good about. Our white freshwater pearl ‘star’ and moonstone earrings are an ideal choice. The design is fun but very wearable, traversing a weekend brunch to evening dinner party with ease.

Find a white pearl jewellery design for you

If you feel like you still need help with styling pearls in a contemporary way, why  not book a personal consultation? Our team brings over thirty years’ worth of experience to your appointment and will work with you on a one-on-one basis. That way, you can find a stunning white pearl jewellery design that speaks to your own unique style, features and character.



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