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Harry Styles in Pearls: Get the Look with Necklaces & Earrings

  • 4 min read

Harry Styles in Pearls: Get the Look with Necklaces & Earrings

Harry Styles – the new male style icon. Having achieved worldwide success with boyband One Direction between 2010-2016, Harry Styles is now one of the most successful X Factor acts of all time. The 28 year old popstar and actor has starred in several blockbuster films and is currently part way through his biggest solo tour to date. On top of that, he has evolved into a fashion icon known for his flamboyant outfits and trademark Harry Styles pearls.

With such a big star leading the trend, it's no surprise that men’s pearl jewellery is gaining momentum in the fashion industry. Everyone from Drake to Shawn Mendes is wearing pearls. So why not explore these natural and ethically produced gems from the sea. Pearls rival diamonds for a timeliness look and investment. Discover how you too can get the Harry Styles pearl necklace and earring look below.

Harry Styles’ style evolution

When Harry Styles first started out in the music industry 12 years ago, he was one-fifth of chart-topping boyband One Direction. Inevitably, each band member was styled very similarly to create a cohesive look that would appeal to their teen fans. But by the band’s peak, Harry was beginning to step out on his own.

After meeting his long-term stylist Harry Lambert in 2014, he began to incorporate wide brimmed hats, neck scarfs and heeled ankle boots to create a ‘70s glam-rock look. And by the time he went solo in 2017, Harry Styles’ jewellery and outfits were becoming even braver and bolder.

Inspired by legendary showmen like Bowie, Prince and Freddie Mercury, Styles began wearing brightly coloured suits, bold floral prints, flared trousers and higher heeled boots to create a myriad of unconventional looks. However, it wasn’t until the 2019 Met Gala that Harry Styles’ pearl earring first made an appearance.

A single white pearl drop earring formed part of his deliberately androgynous outfit, alongside a sheer black blouse with frilled detailing. Speaking to Variety in 2020, Styles explained the reasoning behind his quirky fashion choices: “To not wear something because it’s females’ clothing, you shut out a whole world of great clothes. And I think what’s exciting about right now is you can wear what you like. It doesn’t have to be X or Y. Those lines are becoming more and more blurred.”

In 2022, his style remains unapologetically vibrant, with sequins and feather boas a common addition to his looks. Meanwhile, Harry Styles’ pearl necklace has become a statement piece that he wears with everything from Gucci suits to casual jumpers.

How to replicate Harry Styles’ pearls look

Even if feather boas don’t quite fit your taste, Harry Styles’ pearl jewellery is gender neutral, highly versatile and much more wearable/subtle. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried the ‘pearls for men’ trend before, simply keep reading to learn how to get the look.

The Harry Styles pearl necklace

Simple yet eye-catching, Harry Styles’ signature pearl necklace is a classic single strand pearl necklace featuring creamy white pearls for a slightly retro feel.   

Perfect for pairing with both open collared shirts and knitwear, this medium-length white freshwater pearl necklace is almost identical to the one Styles wears. The soft white lustre will complement a range of skin tones, and there’s also the option to upgrade to larger pearls, depending on how big a statement you’d like to make.

We also have a selection of white pearl necklaces in different lengths that are ideal for layering with pearl chain necklaces to create a grungy, boho-inspired look.

The Harry Styles pearl earring

Want to reproduce Harry Styles’ pearl earring look from the Met Gala? Whether you plan to don a frilled shirt the New Romantics would be proud of, or something a little more modern, just add a single teardrop-shape pearl drop earring and you’re there!

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our pearl drop earrings range features a host of styles and colours to complement your outfit. From sleek white pearl hook earrings to inky pearl hoop earrings for a hint of rockstar attitude, we have something for every taste.

For a more subtle finish, we also stock various pearl stud earrings suitable for men.

Alternative pearl jewellery for men

Black pearl bracelets

If you’re looking for something a little different, our warrior style black pearl bracelets could be right up your street. Featuring either Freshwater or Tahitian pearls to suit your budget, these unisex designs feature pearls woven into black leather plated strands, for an edgy look. Pair with a leather jacket and skinny jeans to replicate Styles’ early glam-rock style.

Grey pearl necklaces

If white pearl necklaces don’t appeal to you or feel a little formal for everyday wear, how about a grey pearl necklace instead? These understated designs provide a contemporary twist on classic pearl jewellery, and their neutral hue will complement a plethora of different outfits. We can also supply grey pearl rings to complete the look.

Pearl cufflinks and tiepins

Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional look, why not give a suit and tie combo a subtle update with a pair of pearl cufflinks and a matching pearl tie pin? Chic and timeless, these pearl jewellery designs for men are an easy way to incorporate on-trend gems into your wardrobe without being overpowering. However, if you do want to try a more glamorous look for special events, simply add a pearl necklace or earring.

Find your own Harry Styles pearl necklace at Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whether you’re looking for an exact replica of Harry Styles’ pearl necklace, a similar piece in a different colour, or more traditional men’s pearl jewellery, we can help.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our pearls for men collection boasts an array of designs to suit your unique style and budget. From Harry Styles-inspired pearl earrings to formal cufflinks and unisex leather bracelets, we have something for everyone.

And if you can’t find exactly what you envisaged, we’ll make it for you! All you need to do is enquire about our bespoke service online and we’ll get back to you right away.


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