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Get the Look: Chunky Pearl Necklaces

  • 4 min read

Get the Look: Chunky Pearl Necklaces

Whether you’re looking to refresh your current jewellery collection or dainty designs simply aren’t your thing, chunky pearl necklaces provide the perfect solution. Spotted in recent collections by Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Ralph Lauren, big pearls are one of the top accessories of the year.

In this post, we take a look at the chunky pearl necklace trend in more detail, as well as offering some product ideas and contemporary styling tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more.

Chunky pearl necklace trend explained

There are several theories as to why minimalism has lost out to more maximalist trends this year. The main one is that personality-filled clothes and jewellery have been on an upward trajectory ever since Covid-19 restrictions eased in early 2022 and we regained our freedom. As a result, bolder colours and bigger accessories have all been gaining traction, with large pearl necklaces featuring on both summer and winter runways by the likes of Chanel, Versace and Simone Rocha over the past 12 months.

Get the look with our large pearl necklace range

If you’d like to try the chunky pearl necklace trend yourself, we have a myriad of large pearl and layered designs to choose from. Here is a selection of our favourites:

Baroque South Sea pearl necklaces

Perhaps the most obvious place to start would be our South Sea pearl jewellery range. Measuring 9-16mm wide on average, South Sea pearls are one of the biggest and rarest pearl types in the world. As such, these luxe saltwater gems are highly sought after and come at a premium. However, uniquely shaped baroque pearl jewellery designs, like this white-gold South Sea and tourmaline tassel necklace, are also becoming increasingly popular, and they’re more affordable too.

Single strand Tahitian pearl designs

Multi-tonal Tahitian pearls are also sizable, with a diameter of between 8 and 15mm. As such, even just one row of them will create a relatively chunky piece of jewellery. This, along with their striking iridescent qualities make them an ideal choice when it comes to creating luxury big pearl necklaces that will elevate any outfit. Our single strand silver-black Tahitian pearl necklace donned by actor Timothée Chalamet in his recent interview with Vogue is a perfect example.

Freshwater pearl necklaces with a twist

In addition, we have an extensive collection of Freshwater pearl necklaces available in a variety of colours, perfect for those with a tighter budget. While Freshwater pearls are known to be smaller than many of their saltwater counterparts – 7-8mm on average – that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to create chunky pearl necklaces too.

In fact, our Freshwater range includes everything from layered multi-strand pearl necklaces with anywhere from three to five strands, to coin pearl styles made up of disc-like pearls for a more substantial finish. Our thick spiral necklace designs which combine various gems, multiple hues and lengthy pearl sticks are another great option.

We also stock necklaces that incorporate sizeable semi-precious gems to add weight to smaller pearls, like this aptly named black pearl and rock crystal ‘boulder’ necklace. Or how about this white Freshwater pearl and tourmaline necklace? With larger than average Freshwater pearls, this cleverly designed piece also includes small, dark gems as spacers between each pearl to make them appear even larger than they really are – go big or go home.

Styling big pearl necklaces

Not sure where to begin with styling your preferred chunky pearl necklace? Here’s some inspiration from both our jewellery experts and our favourite designer ranges this year:

  • Wear your pearls over contrasting fabrics like chunky cable knits, lace or sheer chiffon to make their lustrous pearly surface pop. This will add dimension to your outfit, even if your jewellery and clothing are the same colour.
  • Consider the neckline on your clothing – large pearl necklaces work well with lower cut necklines, like scoop and off-the-shoulder styles. They can also be worn with close-fitting high-necks, but mid-necklines should generally be avoided.
  • For a more contemporary finish, try styling a big pearl necklace with a casual outfit. Traditionally, statement necklaces were saved for formal occasions, but more modern interpretations blend styles. For instance, stonewashed jeans and a loose tee with a glamorous South Sea pearl necklace.  
  • Prefer more natural looks? Swap spherical pearls for unique baroque pearls for a more organic and less polished finish, suitable for a range of occasions.
  • Want to add a splash of colour to your outfit? Why not blend two current trends and opt for big pearls with coloured gemstones? Stemming from the vibrant beaded necklaces of last summer, this eye-catching combination is all the rage.
  • Pair your chunky pearl necklace with simple earrings to avoid a visual overload. Pearl stud earrings, short drop styles and small pearl hoop earrings are ideal, but longer earrings may clash with your necklace. Pearl cuff bracelets are also very popular at the moment and work beautifully with large necklaces for parties.

Extra tip:stick to one bold accessory during the daytime then add a complementary bracelet or ring to take things up a notch for the evening.

Find your ideal chunky pearl necklace at Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whichever style you prefer and whatever the occasion, you’ll find a whole host of pearl necklaces to help you get the ‘chunky pearls’ look on our website. We also design and supply a range of matching accessories, including pearl earrings and pearl bracelets, plus silk jewellery bags to keep your prized items safe and maintain their condition.  

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We create bespoke pearl necklaces upon request, giving you the opportunity to select your preferred pearl type, colour and arrangement. If you wish, we can even string a full set of luxury South Sea pearls to create an investment piece that will never go out of style. Contact us to learn more.


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