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Pearl Rings: A Guide to these Unique Gems

  • 4 min read

Pearl Rings: A Guide to these Unique Gems

Pearl rings are a unique yet increasingly popular look. Bold and intricate pearl rings can be enjoyed for special occasions, whereas simpler pearl rings add a touch of elegance to your everyday look.

If you’re new to the trend and you’d like to learn more about styling and caring for pearl rings, this guide is for you. Designed to help you choose a pearl ring that speaks to you and complements your aesthetic, read on for some expert insight and tips.

How to style a pearl ring


The beauty of a pearl ring lies in its versatility. A silver pearl ring like our white freshwater pearl and silver ring brings pared-back glamour to everyday outfits. Add a little extra something by pairing a simple pearl ring with slim-fit jeans and a flattering blouse or sweater. You can also wear the design with a matching white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet to complete the look.

For a quirky, contemporary finish, why not stack different coloured pearl rings, adding texture and layering, like our pink freshwater pearl and silver ring or grey freshwater pearl and silver ring?

Evening wear

Accentuate a smart evening gown by incorporating a Tahitian pearl ring like our black Tahitian pearl and amethyst white-gold ring. With 18-carat white gold and handset gems, it will add an interest to any outfit. Take the embellishment to the next level with a set of matching black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond and amethyst earrings.

A nod to vintage

Embrace your inner 1920s flapper with our white freshwater pearl silver ‘swirl’ ring. Hand-set with 40 white freshwater seed pearls, this playful design was envisioned by our designer Chrissie to honour her Scottish ancestors who wore pearl jewellery over 150 years ago. Pair with the matching white seed pearl and silver ‘swirl’ necklace for cocktail hour.


Want to add interest to a simple suit? Why not pair a pearl ring with a set of complementary pearl cufflinks? And if you really want to transform the look and inject some personality, we’d recommend a distinctive set of copper freshwater pearl cufflinks worn with our copper freshwater pearl and silver ring.

Your pearl ring questions answered…

Are pearl rings durable?

It’s a well-known fact that pearls are more prone to scratching than other gems. As such, larger pearl ring designs are best saved for special events. With that said, smaller pearls set within a metal band are protected, and will not deteriorate with regular wear unless they’re repeatedly subjected to harsh use  or exposed to acidic chemicals. As such, you should aim for your pearl ring to be the last thing you put on when getting ready.

Can you wear a pearl ring every day?

A freshwater pearl ring can make a fantastic everyday jewellery item as the hardiest pearls on the market. Freshwater pearls are also celebrated for their lustre and unique colourways; and they are versatile enough to dress up and dress down, complementing both minimalist and maximalist aesthetics.

Wear our white freshwater pearl and sculpted silver ring with complementary white freshwater pearl large stud earrings for a look that will take you from the boardroom to the dinner table and beyond.

Alternatively, add a splash of colour to an outfit with our black freshwater pearl and sculpted silver ring. Combine with a matching black freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver pendant to double-down on the peacock-black accent.

That’s not to say that more elaborate designs like our silver ‘branch’ ring with 10 multi-coloured sapphires can’t be worn on a day-to-day basis. Born from Chrissie’s daughter’s desire to elevate the traditional pearl ring, this design brings the vivid colours of Mexican coral reefs to your fingers.

How do you clean a pearl ring?

Your hands go through a lot in a day, picking up dirt and oils every time you touch things. As such, you should aim to take regular care of your pearl ring.

Be sure to wipe your ring after each use, as perfume, hairspray and fake tan all contain chemicals that can damage pearls. And avoid using harsh chemical cleaning agents near your pearl ring.

At the end of each day, use a non-scratch cloth (like microfibre) to carefully remove any trace of chemicals from your ring and ensure that your pearl doesn’t tarnish.

Are pearls good for engagement rings?

Pearls symbolise loyalty, good fortune, generosity and purity. As such, pearl bridal jewellery is a popular choice for weddings, adding a beautiful luminosity to any bridal gown.

Pearl engagement rings emblematise all of the symbolic qualities associated with pearls too, and have their own unique charm. Since Emma Stone received an Akoya pearl engagement ring from her fiancé, pearl engagement rings have been right on trend. If you have your heart set on a pearl engagement ring, book a 1:1 personal consultation with our team for expert design advice.

What is the significance of a pearl ring?

Additionally, pearls symbolise wisdom, loyalty and integrity, and they are also the birthstone for June. Due to this, a pearl ring like our white biwa pearl and sculpted silver ring can make a truly special birthday gift for anyone born in this month.

There are also unique meanings ascribed to each pearl colour. In Chinese folklore, for instance, golden pearls are believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the wearer. Meanwhile, pink pearls like the one in our pink freshwater pearl and sculpted silver ring are associated with femininity, good health, love, loyalty and generosity.

Create a custom pearl ring with Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whether you want to design a unique pearl ring that speaks to your character, or you’ve inherited an item you want redesigned, our team is on hand to help. Simply visit our bespoke pearl jewellery page to make an enquiry. We’ll consider your features, fashion preferences and favourite colours to design a pearl ring that flatters your individual style and reflects your personality.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

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