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The Symbolic Meaning of Each Pearl Colour

  • 4 min read

The Symbolic Meaning of Each Pearl Colour

When it comes to choosing the perfect pearl jewellery, you’ll likely consider shades that suit your skin tone, hair colour and overall style. But have you taken into account the symbolic meaning behind each pearl colour?

From creamy white to iridescent black, and everything in between, each pearl colour has its own distinct mood and meaning. Wondering which fits your personality best? Read on to find the ideal pearl colour for you.

An introduction to pearl colours

White, cream and grey are the most common naturally occurring pearl colours, and Tahitian black pearls are relatively easy to come by too. Other naturally occurring colours are pink, gold, green, lavender and blue pearls, though these are much more rare. To note, there are some pearl producers that enhance a pearls colour with natural or man-made dye.

The colour of a pearl is determined by the coloured lip of the mollusc in which it was formed. A pearl’s overall shade is made up of its body colour and an overtone which may be warm or cool (for example a creamy white pearl with a pink overtone), which is why some pearls are multi-tonal under different lights. 

Different pearl colours and their meanings


The most popular pearl colour on the market, white pearls are often worn by brides. They’ve also proven popular with our very own Queen Elizabeth II over the years.

This classic shade symbolises innocence, purity, peace, beauty, new beginnings and sincerity, and their ageless nature ensures they will stand the test of time.

Each type of white pearl has a different overtone. Akoya pearls can range from cool white to creamier white, while luxury South Sea white pearls are a brilliant white colour with a silver sheen. With white pearl necklaces in a myriad of styles, we have the perfect piece for you. 


Pink is one of rarest naturally occurring pearl colours in the world. Most pink pearls tend to be peach-toned, however they can naturally range from pale pink to a deep plum tone.

As you may expect, this soft pastel hue is associated with femininity, but it also has several other symbolic meanings. Pink pearls represent good health, generosity, love, kindness, compassion, loyalty and happiness.

Enhance your natural beauty and add a hint of romance to any outfit with a subtle pink pearl pendant and a pair of matching pink pearl earrings.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have black pearls. Known for their metallic shine and iridescence, Tahitian pearls are the only naturally occurring black pearls. Cultured by the black-lipped oyster, they boast overtones of green, blue, aubergine and silver.

This chic and versatile pearl colour is fast becoming a modern staple. Black pearls symbolise protection, independence, control, strength, allure, mystery and resilience.

So, if you like your jewellery a little unconventional and you’re not afraid to be bold, explore our striking black pearl necklaces to find your perfect statement piece. We also stock black pearl bracelets and black pearl rings to match.


Grey pearl jewellery is incredibly versatile and effortlessly elegant. With a neutral base colour and warm pink or cool blue overtones, there really is a hue for every skin tone and hair colour when it comes to grey pearls.

The simplicity of grey is clear in its symbolic associations. Grey pearls reflect qualities like dignity, patience, wisdom, progress, self-control, focus and security.

Perfect for level-headed individuals seeking a chic addition to their outfit, our grey pearl necklaces come in various shades of grey to suit you unique features. Pair with grey pearl earrings or a grey pearl bracelet to complete the look.


Golden South Sea pearls are rare and form only in gold-lipped oysters in the waters around Indonesia and the Philippines. As with all gold items, gold pearls are highly prized and perfect for those with a penchant for the finer things in life.

In terms of symbolism, this warm, creamy pearl colour represents wealth, prosperity, courage, wisdom, success, freedom and sophistication. Furthermore, in Chinese folklore, golden pearls are thought to symbolise luck and good fortune for the wearer.

Browse our stunning range of gold pearl necklaces to find one that suits your style.


Commonly associated with money and industry, this earthy tone is fiery and bold, yet homely and comforting too. Copper pearls are multi-tonal, with hints of orange, making them ideal for people who like striking jewellery.

This type of pearl colour signifies youthfulness, creativity, playfulness, energy, sociability, courage and charisma, as well as warmth and harmony.

Copper pearls are a great way to add personality and a splash of colour to otherwise monochromatic outfits. Our exquisite copper pearl necklaces and matching copper pearl earrings will ensure that you stand out from the crowd wherever you go.


In addition to the colours listed above, pearl jewellery can also be multi-coloured. Whether they’re made from one pearl colour across a spectrum of shades, a variety of different pearl colours or a mix of gemstones and pearls, these vibrant designs really make a statement.

Multi-coloured pearl jewellery represents creativity, artistry, uniqueness, flair, individuality, youthfulness and mystery. Multi-coloured pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets are therefore ideal for adventurous spirits who live their lives to the fullest.

Which pearl colour should I choose?

Ultimately, the most important thing to consider when choosing the pearl colour for your next piece of jewellery, is how it makes you feel. Is it a colour that resonates with you and reflects your personality? Does it make you feel confident when you wear it? Does it suit your style? If so, you’ve likely found your ideal pearl colour.

If you’re still unsure which is the best option, we have several colour matching guides to give you an idea of the shades that work best with your unique skin and hair colour.

Or, for something tailored specifically to you, opt for a personal consultation and we’ll match a stunning pearl colour with your complexion, to create a natural glow that will light up any room.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

A tailored online or in-person consultation ensures your pearls match your style and budget perfectly.