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7 Ways to Wear Pearl & Leather Jewellery

  • 4 min read

7 Ways to Wear Pearl & Leather Jewellery

When it comes to choosing jewellery designs, you’ll typically find yourself deliberating between silver or gold pearl jewellery. But there’s a new material in town, and it’s been around for centuries – leather.

An easy way to add visual appeal and character to any outfit is by choosing a leather pearl necklace or leather pearl bracelet. Simultaneously classic and contemporary, leather jewellery elevates an everyday outfit. And it can also add unexpected polish to a more formal look.

Whether you’re looking for a leather pearl necklace, leather bracelet, or even a set of pearl and leather earrings, this article will provide guidance on top styling tips.

How to wear pearl and leather jewellery

Stay up-to-date with a leather wrist cuff

Chunky, bold cuffs are big for 2023. Choose a pearl cuff bracelet with a twist – a leather cord! Emulate the courage and grace of an Amazonian warrior with our award-winning black freshwater pearl tan leather ‘warrior’ armband. Shimmering black freshwater pearls and barbed-wire-like leather combine the tenderness and strength found in every woman.

Wear alone to an important work meeting or event for additional fortitude. If you want to pair your leather wrist cuff with a matching leather pearl necklace, combine with our black freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat for maximum impact.

Shake things up with a pearl and leather choker

Another big hitter for summer jewellery trends for 2023 are rebellious, punk-inspired designs.

If wearing a skull-and-crossbones isn’t quite up your street, you can still nod to this aesthetic with a pearl and leather necklace. More specifically, a leather choker.

For a chic take on the punk trend, wear our black freshwater pearl and leather ‘Parisian’ choker. This elegant design works to elongate your neckline, and transitions perfectly from day to night. Wear with a t-shirt and jeans for brunch or with an off-the-shoulder dress for cocktails.

If black isn’t your colour, you can opt for our rich copper freshwater pearl and leather ‘Parisian’ choker instead.

Add interest with a tactile thin leather bracelet

If your aesthetic is more minimalist, choose a single-strand leather pearl bracelet. With a single peacock black freshwater pearl as its central motif, our black freshwater pearl and black leather ‘warrior’ bracelet emphasises the appealing rawness of both the leather and pearl itself.

Not sure about the black leather? Choose our white freshwater pearl and tan leather ‘warrior’ bracelet instead. Wear alone or paired with our matching limited-edition white freshwater pearl and tan ‘warrior’ earrings for a cohesive finish.

Be bold with sculptural designs

If a leather necklace with pendant is on your ‘must have’ list, go bold and big. A sculptural leather pearl necklace is a fantastic way to make a sartorial statement.

Choose a design that doubles as personal armour with our black Tahitian pearl and amber ‘warrior’ long necklace. Shimmering black freshwater pearls combine with hand-woven leather and a unique amber pendant to bring interest to any look. Wear solo or with matching black freshwater pearl and tan ‘warrior’ earrings.

For a shorter leather necklace with pendant, choose our black Tahitian pearl and amber ‘warrior’ necklace instead. It symbolises and evokes the same courage as its longer counteract, but sits slightly higher to flatter smaller frames.

Dare to wear a plunging leather lariat

Take your evening look to the next level with a pearl and leather rope necklace, also known as a lariat.

A pearl lariat necklace adds serious drama and sophistication to any look, but is particularly appropriate for plunging necklines. The playful tactility of our white freshwater pearl and tan leather ‘warrior’ lariat will earn you serious compliments. Or add a moody feel to your look with our black freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat.

For an alluring addition to a backless evening gown, drape our grey Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ lariat down your spine. Then add matching black Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ earrings to make a real statement.

Stay chic with a multi strand leather pearl bracelet

A multi strand leather bracelet has so much versatility. Perfect to wear about town with friends as well as dressing up for dinner, a multi-strand leather pearl bracelet is an ideal investment piece.

If tan leather is your colour, choose our white freshwater pearl and tan leather ‘warrior’ bracelet. Want to take the look up a notch? Wear with our complementary white freshwater pearl and tan leather drop ‘warrior’ necklace.

Alternatively, a black multi strand leather bracelet can add atmospheric elegance to any look. If you like sculpted wrist designs, choose our raw triple row freshwater pearl bracelet in black or our black freshwater pearl and black leather ‘warrior’ bracelet. Wear with our black Tahitian pearl ‘friendship’ necklace to remind yourself of your capacity for both self-love and friendship.

Bring the sass with pearl and leather earrings

Incorporating a pair of pearl and leather earrings can add a little attitude to any outfit. Blending the raw beauty of leather and pearls with a design that aims to boost your confidence, our designs can be dressed up and down for every occasion.

Our black freshwater pearl and tan ‘warrior’ earrings are guaranteed to turn heads, complementing our matching black freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat. Alternatively, our white freshwater pearl and tan ‘warrior’ earrings will beautifully offset more traditional white freshwater pearl jewellery for a modern twist.

Design entirely unique pearl and leather jewellery

Feel beautifully confident in perfectly matched pearls by booking a personal consultation for tailored advice. Or if you have a bespoke pearl jewellery design in mind, contact us today. Pearl experts since 1989, we’ll help you to create a customised pearl and leather jewellery design that suits your style and personality.  


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