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6 Pink Pearl Necklace & Earrings Sets for Every Style

  • 4 min read

6 Pink Pearl Necklace & Earrings Sets for Every Style

The Barbie movie may be giving the colour pink a particular moment in the spotlight, but pink pearl jewellery has always been in style.

With so many shades and designs available, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking out for a pink pearl jewellery set, we’ve collated some of our best below. We’ve also included some helpful ideas of when to wear your new designs.

Why choose pink pearl jewellery?

Although pink is typically associated with femininity, it also means so much more than that. Kindness and compassion, love and generosity – pink pearl jewellery is symbolic of all of these traits.

The different tonalities of pink also have different associations and meaning. A light, pastel or baby pink pearl jewellery set brings to mind peace, grace and elegance. Pair a pink pearl pendant like our pink freshwater pearl ‘simple’ silver design with matching earrings to bring a sense of softness to your look.

Alternatively, more intense pink shades are seen as joyful, bold, and exciting. If you want to emulate power and rebellion in your jewellery choices, choose a design like our pink freshwater pearl, citrine and rose quartz drop earrings. Or perhaps an eye-catching pink pearl and stone ‘abstract’ bracelet as a focal point.

When to wear a pink pearl jewellery set

The beauty of pink pearl jewellery is its versatility. Add to a smart shirt for a formal work meeting, wear to brunch with friends, or style an evening outfit with pink pearls.

If you’re looking out for a pink pearl jewellery set that’s unique to you, Coleman Douglas Pearls offers bespoke pearl jewellery consultations. We’ll combine our comprehensive knowledge of pearls and expertise in colour matching to help you feel beautifully confident in a perfectly matched pearl design.


Pink pearl jewellery is inevitably associated with all things love and romance. As such, a cohesive pink pearl necklace and earring set can be a beautiful addition to any wedding outfit.

For bridesmaids, pair a pink pearl bracelet like our pink freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet with matching pink pearl earrings to add a warm blush to their look.

For a unique wedding aesthetic, you could even opt for an unconventional pink pearl bridal jewellery design. Brides with backless dresses could drape a chic piece like our pink freshwater pearl lariat down their spine. Wear alone or with pink pearl earrings for a warm glow. Or you may prefer a delicate pink pearl pendant for a more subtle take. And don’t forget the groom’s corresponding pink and grey pearl cufflinks.

A pink pearl jewellery set would also look lovely on the mother-of-the-bride. Keep it simple with a pink biwa pearl 3 strand necklace and matching classic stud earrings. Alternatively, our matching pink-black freshwater pearl necklace and silk strand bracelet make for a contemporary, versatile pairing.  

For yourself

Just because pink pearl jewellery symbolises romance, doesn’t mean that love has to turn outwards. Wear a pink pearl ring as a daily reminder to always cherish and value yourself.

If rings aren’t your thing, choose apink pearl necklace and earring set instead. Wear a pink pearl pendant like our pink freshwater pearl ‘back to basics’ design layered with matching short-drop pink pearl earrings for a sophisticated everyday look. Or elevate a date night outfit and nail the current trend for baroque pearls by wearing our freshwater pink baroque shape pearl earrings.

At work

Pink pearl jewellery can add a welcome splash of colour to workwear. Combine a pink pearl necklace like our pink freshwater pearl single strand necklace with mini pink and silver drop earrings to take a smart suit to the next level.

An abstract bracelet like our grey and pink baroque freshwater pearl double strand design can help you express your character whilst fitting more formal dress codes.

6 pink pearl necklace and earring sets

  1. Choosing an all-pink pearl jewellery set may seem like a little too much pink. If that sounds like you, consider wearing a design like our pink and black freshwater pearl long double drop earrings. The peacock black and creamy pink gems beautifully offset each other. Wear alone or with a matching pink seed and freshwater pearl necklace.
  2. Our pink freshwater pearl large ‘pear’ drop earrings are a classic design. Complementing all skin tones, these earrings reflect the light and promise easy day-to-night elegance. Beautiful worn alone or with our pink freshwater pearl 3 strand necklace.
  3. Pared-back glamour is the principal impression given by our 3-tone freshwater pearl long chain necklace. Layer up or drape low depending on your preference. Pair with pink and grey freshwater pearl long drop earrings to elongate your neck.
  4. Our pink freshwater pearl cuff earrings give a modern twist to a classic look. Designed to hug your ears, each gem gradates in colour from pink to white. Wear with a pink biwa tie pin or pink freshwater chain necklace for a sleek work look.
  5. Lean into the summer’s maximalist trend with our pink freshwater pearl, rose quartz, garnet, and amethyst necklace. Eye-catching enough to be worn alone, it also pairs well with our matching five-strand pearl bracelet. Otherwise, combine with our pink freshwater and seed pearl drop earrings for greater impact.
  6. Feel fabulous no matter the occasion with our pink freshwater pearl ‘M&M’ earrings. Alternating pink pearl sizes give off a playful energy that oozes relaxed glamour. Wear with a pink biwa pearl and silver chain necklace for extra edginess.

Discover colour matched pink pearl jewellery

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we’re experts in colour matching pearls. Not sure which pink tone will suit you best? Book a consultation with us and let us help you find a beautifully matched pink pearl jewellery set that complements your individual characteristics.


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