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6 Pearl Bracelet Styles & How to Wear Them

  • 4 min read

6 Pearl Bracelet Styles & How to Wear Them

Whether you’re dressing up for an event or want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, a pearl bracelet is the perfect accessory. There are many different pearl bracelet styles to choose from. The right one depends on your personal taste, the occasion and the outfit. To help you make the best choice, this article will explore six of the most popular pearl bracelet styles, and provide practical tips on how to wear them.

Trending pearl bracelet styles

1. White pearl bracelet

Available in a multitude of styles, white pearl bracelets offer an elegant look suitable for a range of occasions. Single strand freshwater designs and contemporary Biwa styles are ideal for the daytime, while multi-strand pearl bracelets featuring white pearls and semi-precious stones add extra texture for the evening.

2. Tahitian pearl bracelet

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find moody Tahitian pearl bracelets with peacock-toned black pearls. This natural iridescence makes Tahitian styles the crème-de-la-crème of black pearl bracelet styles for both men and women. Choose from modern leather designs or more ornate styles with gems – an exquisite touch.

3. Pearl cuff bracelet

Typically made up of at least four rows of pearls, pearl cuff bracelets evoke a sense of luxury, a bold statement piece - perfect to stand out in a crowd. Whether you like edgy warrior-inspired armbands, baroque styles or multi-tonal pearl bracelets, our striking cuffs are truly one of a kind. We also stock white-pearl cuffs as a perfect counter to a little black dress, or to elegantly match a white bridal look.

4. Pink pearl bracelet

Featuring soft peach hues that will add warmth to your complexion, pink pearl bracelets are becoming increasingly popular across all age groups. They also complement outfit colours such as neutrals (think of a beautiful camel cashmere jumper), jewel tones and pastels. Make a statement with a chunky design or opt for a single strand pearl bracelet for understated elegance.

5. Pearl chain bracelet

Clean and simple, pearl chain bracelets are a modern alternative to our more traditional designs. Styles include minimalistic single pearl bracelets with delicate silver chains. Alternatively, we also stock multi-pearl designs, adding texture and depth to your look – it’s all about the layering.

6. Grey pearl bracelet

The final design to mention is the grey pearl bracelet. A relatively new addition to the pearl jewellery staples list, it is now one of the bestselling pearl bracelet styles on the market. As versatile as they are sleek, these pearl bracelets offer the perfect balance between crisp white and inky black with various overtones, making them wearable in all scenarios and complementary for all skin tones. Browse laidback silk styles, multi-layered designs and baroque pieces.

How to wear pearl bracelets

When it comes to wearing bracelets, as with any other pearl jewellery style, there are no definitive rules, and you should always go with whatever feels right for you. With that said, the below tips may be useful.

By occasion

Generally speaking, thinner bracelet styles with smaller pearls suit daily wear. This is because, as well as being more subtle and affordable, they are also more practical. For example, if you work in an office, typing with a chunky pearl bracelet is likely to be rather uncomfortable. With that in mind, a simple single strand or modern pearl chain bracelet design may be a better option.

For the weekend, our unisex leather pearl bracelets and colourful silk strand styles provide a casual feel. Meanwhile, decadent pearl cuff bracelets and designs featuring gemstones, like aquamarine and labradorite are ideal for parties. Likewise, premium Tahitian and South Sea pearl bracelets of higher value and lustre, are usually set aside for special events.

By outfit

The colour and style of your outfit is another factor to consider when choosing a pearl bracelet style. Unless you’re purposefully looking for a rock and roll look with statement necklaces worn with t-shirts and jeans, relaxed outfits typically work well with more casual pearl bracelets.

Similarly, bolder jewellery with multiple rows of pearls or lots of embellishments are usually best for parties. The exception to this rule would be if you have a patterned dress, lots of texture or long sleeves, as adding a multi-strand pearl bracelet would likely look fussy. In this case, opt for a simpler design or forego the bracelet completely and go for a sleek matching earrings instead. The same goes if you’re wearing a statement necklace – give it centre stage and go without a bracelet or heavy earrings.

You can learn more about how to style different coloured pearls on our blog.

By wrist size

One final consideration is your wrist size. Most people prefer bracelet styles that are in proportion with their wrists, so if you have a small frame, you’d choose a more delicate design. Similarly, larger or layered styles often suit taller and broader frames. Of course, this is entirely up to you!

For men, sizes and styles tend to differ slightly, but darker medium sized pearl bracelets and punchy leather designs tend to be the most popular.

Discover pearl bracelets for every eventuality

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have an eclectic range of pearl bracelets to suit every preference, gender and occasion. From luxury evening styles with multiple rows of glimmering pearls to graceful freshwater pearl bracelets for daily wear, we have a style to suit you. Or, if you’d like a bespoke piece featuring a particular pearl colour, gemstone or configuration, we can create a custom design just for you.


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