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How to Style Different Coloured Pearls

  • 5 min read

How to Style Different Coloured Pearls

Most people think that pearls are only white - the classic white earring for an elegant wedding; white chunky pearl pendants that all the influencers wear; or granny’s crisp single row of white pearls. This is a complete myth as pearls naturally come in a full spectrum of colours, all the way from golden cream or peachy pink, to peacock green and dark stormy black. Often one of these wonderful variations will suit your skin-tone and hair colour just perfectly – making you feel beautifully confident in perfectly matched pearls. Read on for some of our favourite ways to style six different pearl colours.

Styling ideas for different pearl colours

Pink pearls

Pink pearls are known for their soft lustre and feminine touch. They work well with white, grey and other pastel shades, but they can also be worn with darker hues.

For the office, pair a single strand pink pearl necklace with a crisp white blouse and a grey blazer for a sophisticated look that balances the warmness of these coloured pearls. Alternatively, opt for a jacket in a neutral colour for a more classic take.

At the weekend, layer pink pearl chain necklaces over a floral maxi dress and add a multistrand bracelet for a boho inspired look. Pink pearls also work beautifully with cashmere jumpers in cold weather, as the satin finish subtly juxtaposes the soft knit.

For the evening, opt for a sweeping pink pearl lariat and pink pearl earrings. Wear them with a dark dress in burgundy, mauve or black for a bold and modern contrast.

White pearls

Iconic white pearls are highly versatile. They can be worn with any colour and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. As with pink pearls, wearing white pearls with neutral tones offers a more traditional look, while colourful combinations feel more contemporary.

Create a chic work outfit by pairing a simple white pearl pendant and delicate pearl drop earrings with a tailored grey, black or navy dress and heels. Or, if you’re not one for skirts, a trouser suit worn with a silk blouse will look equally elegant.

For everyday wear, keep the pendant but opt for a V-neck jumper, dark jeans and knee-high boots. You can also dress down a single strand white pearl necklace with a casual open-collared shirt or a summery dress with a denim jacket and sandals.

For formal events, pair a white pearl bracelet and necklace with a little black dress for instant glamour. Long 1920s designs work well with simple shift dresses, while ornate chokers and chunky pearls look spectacular with off-the-shoulder styles.

Copper pearls

Fiery and full of personality, copper pearls are guaranteed to add flair to any outfit. These rich orange-brown coloured pearls work well with simple hues like white, black, camel and beige, that let their striking amber tones stand out for themselves. However, they can also be paired with mustard or dark greens and blues for contrast.

For the daytime, wear a tan leather lariat or a long copper pearl necklace with a collarless blouse and linen trousers for a laidback look. For the evening, opt for an intricate necklace with semi-precious gems like rock crystal and amber. Pair this with complementary earrings and a simple black dress to give your jewellery the spotlight. 

Grey pearls

Grey is a refined colour that is fast becoming a modern staple in both wardrobes and jewellery boxes. Thanks to their achromatic (colourless) shade, grey pearls can be worn effortlessly with shades including pink, navy, white, ochre and teal.

Due to their subtlety, grey pearls are an ideal accompaniment to workwear. Create a pared back look with a white blouse, navy blazer, simple grey pearl earrings and a single strand grey pearl necklace to tie everything together.

For a more casual approach, pair grey pearls with a fine-knit ochre jumper or a teal cardigan with a crisp white t-shirt underneath. Or, to elevate your outfit for a party, try a multi-strand grey pearl necklace and bracelet combo. Styles with labradorite and rainbow moonstone accents will also give your look an extra dash of sparkle.

Black pearls

A contemporary alternative to the classic white pearl and just as adaptable, black pearls are increasingly popular. They complement a whole host of shades, and while they’re often deemed formal, these coloured pearls can be worn more casually too.

A minimalistic black pearl bracelet featuring a single pearl on a simple chain or leather strand offers an understated look for the weekend. Similarly, leather pearl chokers and short lariats peppered with dark freshwater pearls are highly wearable. Pair with a block colour top, leather jacket and jeans for a relaxed finish. Black pearls also add edge to floral dresses – especially when stacked around your wrist.

However, night-time is when black pearls really come into their own. A multi-strand black pearl necklace will add a hint of drama for the evening, especially when paired with a sultry red dress. Meanwhile, black pearl earrings with amber or citrine stand out perfectly against a little black outfit. As do Tahitian pearls with stunning iridescent qualities.

If you’re wearing a high or halter-neck dress, skip the necklace and opt for a set of ornamental pearl drop earrings instead. Style your hair in an up-do to highlight the design and complete the look with a black pearl ring for a sleek and balanced finish.

Golden pearls

Creamy golden pearls are the epitome of vintage glamour. They come in a spectrum of shades, from light champagne to deeper orange and gold, all of which look stunning beside warm olive and ebony skin tones.

Lighter hues are best for work as they’re the most subtle. Pair a single strand golden pearl necklace with earthy brown and rust shades, or deep burgundy tailoring. Baroque styles are ideal as they tone down the level of formality for more general wear.

Perfectly rounded deep golden pearls, on the other hand, will look exquisite with a figure-hugging, black gown at format events. You could even add a pair of pearl and diamond earrings for a luxurious touch that will enhance the creamy glow of your pearls.

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