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Time to DIY? … No thanks

  • 2 min read

Time to DIY? … No thanks

Following a day restructuring the garden shed, and finding myself at the osteopath, I decided it is infinitely better, safer and more fun to focus on reconstructing my pearl jewellery collection.

I have always loved layering different items, that do not necessarily match, to create an altogether unique look.  We have put together the ‘build your own’ collection which allows you to do just that. 

For example, transform a staple pair of  pearl mini stud earrings into glamorous evening  earrings in twisted silver, dripping with pearls; or a sporty pair of  pearl and diamond 'huggy' earringscan take you from a relaxed morning in bed to a smart brunch with your in-laws.

Our clients have so far found twelve different ways… and counting, to wear our  multistrand pearl lariat (e.g. dripping down an open back dress; or knotted over a cashmere jumper).Who needs a whole stash of different clothes when a good selection of ‘must have’ pearl jewellery will transform the clothes you love.  

The best way to guarantee you stand out is to match the pearls you wear to your skin tone, we have looked at various aspects of this in our blogs on colour matching  Part One,  Part Two and  Part Three.

Pairing ideas:

  • A classic lookfor the summer heat is the crisp linen shirt with rolled up sleeves, with a  pearl pendant or two,  layered at different lengths. If you are of celtic or auburn complexion choose  copper with a mixture of stacking  bracelets and  rings, in colours that complement your eyes, to finish the masterpiece look.
  • If keeping cool is a priority then wear colours that trick your brain into feeling fresh - pale sky blues, minty greens, cool greys and stormy black pearls - giving your outfit a pop of colour. These  hoop earrings allow you to swap a demure cream pearl for some cool grey or peacock black pearl drops, which if you have pale blue or green eyes will give ava va voom effect.  
  • For hot summer evenings, finish a floaty dress with this ‘perfect  pink pearl pendant’. Pale peachy pink pearls for those with a light complexion and darker pink tones for richer complexions. Pop some  earring jackets onto your  pearl studs  in contrasting colours to turn heads.
  • For a poolside look our  warrior earrings with optional leather drops - transition effortlessly from swimming to poolside party.

We would love to assist you in building your own multipurpose ‘go to’  pearl collection, matched to your particular skin tone, so you can “get up and go” and feel beautifully confident every time. 


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