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Sustainable Pearls

  • 2 min read

Sustainable Pearls

A pearl is the most natural gemstone you can wear -  raw beauty that we want to protect.

We take pride in our natural origins, we endeavour to know our pearl farmers by name, sourcing only from those who meet ethical standards. Each design is consciously produced for the wonderful women who wear them. In today’s blog, we examine how sustainable practices not only produce the perfect pearls but also enrich the wider ecosystem and local economies.

Living Gems

Pearls – unlike any other gem – are created inside a living mollusk and are totally organic. Whether the pearl forms naturally, or is cultured with care, pearls develop beneath the water’s surface amidst plants and animals, in often fragile ecosystems. A pearls development is a process that requires clean water as pearls are highly susceptible to pollution, meaning that the very best pearls require pollution-free waters to ensure they grow into the lustrous gems that we cherish. Essentially, the cleaner the water and the healthier the environment, the better the quality of pearl.

A Renewable Resource

Due to the nature of pearls and the impact that pollution has on their development, many pearl farmers are highly active environmentalists, ensuring that the pearls grow in an environment that is the best it can be. Whatsmore, pearl farming can improve water quality. Studies have shown the positive impact pearl farming has had on coral reef conservation and the improvement of the ecosystem.

Supporting Local Communities

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and can verify they operate in an environmentally friendly way. Pearl farming can help to diversify local economies and help them to coexist with tourism and the fishing sector. In fact, pearl farming also provides more income opportunities for residents so they don’t have to rely on fishing, which reduces the risk of overfishing.

Sustainability is a natural part of pearl farming and one that we seek to protect and preserve so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the world’s only naturally grown gemstone. What you see is what was harvested from its waters. Discover our choice of six sustainably produced designs from our craftswomen below:


Shop Tahitian Pearl Necklace 

Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Shop Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings


Shop Freshwater Pearl Cufflinks 

Freshwater pearl cufflinks


Shop 5 Strand Freshwater Pear Choker 

5 strand pearl choker in pink

Shop South Sea Pendant With Diamond Accent 

South sea and diamond pendant



Shop 6 Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet 

6 strand freshwater pearl bracelet

Shop Freshwater Tie Pin 

Freshwater Tie Pin

Shop Tahitian & Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings

Tahitian and diamond pearl drop earrings

Shop South Sea Pearl Bracelet 

South Sea Drop bracelet


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