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Ever wondered what goes into making your pearl jewellery? Pearls are created inside a living mollusc, are totally organic and have a well-deserved reputation as the most natural gem known to man. They come to you, in their raw state, never cut, faceted or polished. Pearls  pop out of the oyster (or mussel) and straight onto your neck.

Pearls require pollution-free waters to grow into lustrous, beauty-enhancing gems. This ensures pearls are at the forefront of sustainable luxury, as pearl farmers are hyper conscious of the effects of water pollution. They are deeply invested in sustainable pearl farming– as their livelihood depends on it.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls we know many of our pearl farmers by name, we are considered part of the family and can verify they operate in an environmentally friendly way. In June 2019, we were invited to harvest with one of our supplying farms. They track both who seeded the oyster, and who harvested the pearl nearly two years later! This is after long months of pampering the oyster like a princess to ensure optimum growing conditions e.g. continuously cleaning them to keep barnacles from settling, which would asphyxiate the oyster.

Only 200 out of the original 1000 seeded oysters will produce a pearl that can be sold, and only 5% of the harvest would be considered “top quality”. The returns are not great, which means most farmers are in it for the love of nature, a passion for the environment, and for the thrill of finding that priceless pearl that occasionally emerges.

We have deep respect for our pearl farmers. Although they live in idyllic places they are engaged in a constant battle against pollution on our behalf. In honour of them, we created the “Warrior Collection” - highlighting the uniqueness of each pearl by setting them on leather, the rawest primary material we could find.

Strung on tan or black leather, pearls chosen for the “Warrior Collection” are showcased for their individuality. They are designed with flexibility in mind like the warrior earrings, (pearl drops that can be added to any classic stud; or warrior bracelets, designed to be joined, one to the other, creating a choker or necklace). Lariats that can become belts, and our super luxurious warrior rope necklace that transforms into a choker, lariat, or a double rope and so much more. These raw beauties can take you anywhere, feel beautifully confident in the pearls that you wear.


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