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Bracelet Stacking: How to Layer Multiple Pearl Designs

  • 4 min read

Bracelet Stacking: How to Layer Multiple Pearl Designs

It’s official – stackable bracelets are amongst the summer’s hottest looks. Perhaps it’s the influence of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, or maybe it’s as simple as how cute bracelet stacking looks when the sun appears. Either way, stacking bracelets is a big trend for summer 2023.

Don’t panic if you’re at a loss for how to layer bracelets – this article will help. Read on for inspiration on pearl bracelet stack ideas that’ll bring the joy of summer to your outfit.

Pearl bracelet stacking – a how-to guide

Pearl bracelets are a classic jewellery item for a reason. Elegant enough to see you through relaxed weekends to dinner dates, they can be dressed up and down.

By stacking bracelets, you’ll be able to reflect your unique style and character – plus you’ll get more wear out of your jewellery too! Don’t be afraid to start stacking bracelets alongside a watch either – just choose designs that work with each other.

But if you’re looking for help with how to stack bracelets, read on for our top tips and tricks.

Add colour

Emulate Gigi Hadid and embrace colour in your bracelet stacking. Our grey-black freshwater pearl and blue silk bracelet complements a range of designs for multi-coloured stackable bracelets. Wear with our delicate grey-black freshwater pearl and green silk bracelet or our black-copper freshwater pearl and copper silk bracelet.

Bring the warmth of a copper pearl bracelet to an elegant grey pearl bracelet for an appealing aesthetic dissonance. You could also channel the classic Chanel look by sticking to simple white and black pearl bracelet stack ideas.

If going for multiple multi-coloured designs just isn’t your thing, you could stay within the same tonal range instead. There are still plenty of bracelet stack ideas for colourful but complementary looks. Pair a pink pearl bracelet like our light multi-coloured pearl semi-precious stone ‘abstract’ design with our pink biwa pearl single strand ‘classic’ bracelet to add visual interest.

Decide on single or multistrand bracelet stacking

If you’re wondering how to wear multiple bracelets, the secret is that you may not have to. A multistrand pearl bracelet allows you to cheat the stackable bracelets look, whilst still earning stylish brownie points.

For a classic aesthetic, choose a design like our white freshwater pearl 5 strand bracelet. Iridescent aubergine and dark blue overtones bring drama to a black pearl bracelet like our black freshwater biwa pearl 3 strand bracelet.

Alternatively, layering multiple single strand stacking bracelets can bring a real youthful vibrancy to any look. Stick to a tried-and-tested colour scheme by blending a black design with a white pearl bracelet like our limited edition white freshwater pearl triple strand bracelet.

You can also layer several multi-coloured single strand pearl bracelets to really turn heads. Our dark multi-coloured pearl and semi-precious stone ‘abstract’ bracelet is eye-catching alone. Or you can stack it with a complementary design like the grey seed and freshwater pearl bracelet. Bring the abstract art of Frida Kahlo and Picasso to your wrist with our white multi-coloured pearl and semi-precious stone ‘abstract’ bracelet and the white freshwater pearl, aquamarine and iolite droplet bracelet.

To get the multistrand look without having to decide what to pair with what, you can also opt for a pearl cuff bracelet. Besides being another big hitter for summer 2023, a pearl cuff bracelet can look both decadent and contemporary. Choose a playful design like our black freshwater pearl Morse Code bracelet. The hand-picked pearls are cleverly arranged to spell out a romantic ‘I love you’ message in Morse Code.

Consider your budget

The vivid colours and affordability of freshwater pearl jewellery make these designs the ultimate stackable bracelets. Keep it simple with a pearl chain bracelet or two. Mix and match our white freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet with our black freshwater pearl ‘simple’ chain bracelet for work-appropriate bracelet stack ideas.

If you’ve got a little more budget to work with, choose a Tahitian pearl jewellery design. Our black Tahitian pearl and rock crystal cuff is a stacked pearl bracelet that is both elegant and edgy. Wear alone or with matching earrings for maximum impact.

Or, for a unique and contemporary Tahitian pearl bracelet look, pair our black Tahitian pearl and black leather ‘warrior’ bracelet with our black freshwater pearl and black leather ‘warrior’ bracelet. You’ll be emulating the strength and tenderness found in every woman.

Mix-and-match for dimension and texture

When looking for stacking bracelets, it’s easy to stick to either sleek and simple, or chunky and bold. But experimenting with stackable bracelets of different sizes, weights and textures can add a real playfulness to your look.

Pair a pearl chain bracelet like our pink biwa pearl and silver chain bracelet with a more classic design like our pink freshwater pearl 3 strand bracelet. This provides an understated look that nonetheless nails the mix-and-match aesthetic.

If embracing maximalism is your thing, why not stack our grey and pink baroque freshwater pearl double strand bracelet with our grey seed and freshwater pearl bracelet? Or perhaps a pink seed and freshwater pearl bracelet. The divergent style, size and shape of the pearls make these stacking bracelets a distinctive and tactile addition to any look.

Create customised pearl stackable bracelets

If you’ve got specific pearl bracelet stack ideas in mind, browse our full range online to find the perfect designs. Otherwise, why not book a one-on-one consultation with us for personalised advice? Pearl experts since 1989, we can help you to invest with confidence and even design tailor-made bespoke jewellery. We aim to help you feel beautifully confident in perfectly matched pearls that you’ll wear for years to come.


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