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Pearl Investment Jewellery That Will Never Go Out of Style

  • 4 min read

Pearl Investment Jewellery That Will Never Go Out of Style

Whilst it’s fun to stay on top of catwalk trends, there’s also something to be said for choosing investment jewellery that will see you through years to come.

Pearl jewellery designs are having something of a modish moment, but also make for the best investment jewellery. Classic and elegant, maximalist and colourful, or sleek and minimalist – no matter your aesthetic, the versatility of pearls is unrivalled.

Drape a timeless long pearl necklace design like our award-winning pink freshwater pearl lariat down the back of an evening gown, stack pearl bracelets for weekend brunch with friends, or pair pearl stud earrings with a sharp suit for work.

Whatever your jewellery and style preference, read onto discover why pearl jewellery is the right investment choice for you.

Is pearl jewellery a good investment?

Whether you’re looking for the best investment jewellery for yourself or as a gift for a friend, pearls are the perfect choice. They are ageless, highly wearable and typically hold their value well – especially when set in high quality gold or platinum.

If you’re looking for pearl investment jewellery that you can pass onto other family members, it’s essential to properly care for your pearls. Provided you take care of your pearl jewellery, it can last for many years, making for ideal heirloom pieces.

Storing your pearl jewellery correctly is also key to ensuring that your designs continue to look their best for years to come.

And don’t forget, we can redesign inherited jewellery too. Why not update it to enhance your own skin tone and features? Book a personal consultation now.

Perfect pearl investment jewellery

Classic designs

Classic pearl jewellery transitions seamlessly from day to night, allowing you to dress it up or pare it back for easy everyday glamour.

Choose a quintessential design like our white freshwater pearl double strand necklace worn alone or with coordinating double-strand bracelet. Looking for a more luxurious white pearl investment jewellery design to mark a special occasion? Opt for our white South Sea pearl and diamond accent tsarina pendant with matching South Sea pearls and diamond drop earrings in white gold.

If pearl pendants are your idea of the best investment jewellery, how about our sleek grey freshwater pearl and gold chain pendant? This subtle design will complement various complexions and beautifully catches the light to give any outfit that little extra something. Like more traditional pearls? We also offer an equivalent design in white.

For a classic design with a bit of a twist, how about our grey freshwater biwa pearl bracelet which works especially well with grey freshwater and seed pearl earrings? These achromatic designs can be worn with practically anything. Or add a hint of warmth to monochromatic looks with a blush pink freshwater pearl 5-strand necklace. Pair with a matching pearl chain bracelet or stud earrings to complete the look.

Alternatively, if maximalist designs are your thing, our black and white freshwater pearl ‘Morse code’ lariat is playful and tactile. It also secretly spells out ‘I love you’ in Morse code making it a perfect gift for your partner or spouse. Offset the white pearls with our black freshwater pearl ‘morse code’ bracelet for a dramatic evening look.

South Sea or Tahitian pearls

If you’re seeking pearl investment jewellery, you may want to consider the type of pearl you choose. South Sea pearl jewellery is highly sought-after, with luxury designs available in silver-toned white, warm gold and pale pink. Meanwhile, our Tahitian pearl designs include naturally black pearls with iridescent tones of aubergine and peacock green.

Our made-to-order white-gold South Sea pearl necklace emanates vintage glamour. Wear alone or with a complementary design like our white South Sea and diamond ‘tsarina’ white-curve earrings. Alternatively, the subtle sparkle of our South Sea pearl necklace with diamond leaf centrepiece will take your evening outfit up a notch.  

Can’t decide which saltwater pearls you prefer? Why not combine Tahitian and South Sea pearls in one investment jewellery design? For instance, our Tahitian and South Sea pearl and aquamarine necklace or a stunning set of white and black pearl ‘tsarina’ earrings.

Tahitian designs with diamonds also make for some of the best investment jewellery due to their enduring style and value. Choose from our Tahitian pearl and diamond huggies or feminine blue Tahitian pearl, diamond and moonstone earrings. Wear with a matching blue Tahitian pearl pendant for maximum impact.

Looking for an elegant black pearl bracelet suitable for various occasions? Pair our black Tahitian pearl and labradorite bracelet with a coordinating necklace for a modern, eye-catching look. Otherwise, a black pearl pendant like our black Tahitian pearl, green tsavorite and diamond gold pendant makes for equally chic investment jewellery. After something a little more striking? Our black Tahitian pearl and rock crystal multistrand choker offers a contemporary take on pearls for special events.

Gold and pearl designs

Gold pearl earrings are endlessly adaptable. For an evening look with impact, wear our black Tahitian pearl ‘moon’ diamond and amethyst earrings with a matching pearl pendant. Or embrace ceremonial glamour by investing in our white South Sea and diamond ‘tsarina’ gold drop earrings.

Searching for a chic design that will effortlessly take you from morning meetings to an after-work dinner date? Opt for our white freshwater pearl hook earrings or a similar on-trend pearl hoop earring design.

Gold pearl rings also make for special investment jewellery. Our Tahitian pearl and tourmaline gold ring can be worn alone or with a cohesive black pearl necklace like the award-winning Tahitian pearl and diamond ‘hug’ pendant.

For an eclectic pearl investment design, choose our gold Tahitian pearl and citrine tie pin. This limited-edition design will add a distinctive twist to your formalwear, particularly when worn with complementary citrine and copper pearl earrings.

Create a bespoke pearl investment jewellery design

If you’re looking to purchase a customised pearl jewellery design, book a bespoke consultation with our experienced team. We’ll work with you to create a piece that tells your story and can be passed down to future generations. Pearl experts since 1989, you can invest with confidence with the help of Coleman Douglas Pearls.


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

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